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At least Mr Zuckerberg is sorry that stolen data was used to manipulate elections. Still putting data at #GAFAM ?? Maybe... ehm... not do that?

Nothing like a bag of beef liver to keep the day going!

Currently reading "Time Management for System Administrators" by Thomas, a fantastic read about how to use the tools your already have to manage the chaos of everything! Highly recommend!!

Just recently took a deep dive into the pksc11 side of using a Yubikey for ssh authentication. It's probably much easier to use than standard OTP Auth.

Highly recommend! Don't let the certificate aspect scare you.

Keeping a close eye on Texas Linux fest... It keeps looking more and more interesting and I have not been to such an event yet,

I'm 90% sure that my cpu is bottle necking my vega 64 on rocket leage.

Don't mind me, just waiting for that 3rd gen ryzen to come over the horizon...

What is the most unappreciated/unknown technology that you love?

One of mine is LUKS, And the fact that you can use the network directly to decrypt volumes.

Have you ever wanted to get started with a blog but didn't want to start handing out credit cards to cloud providers, Try using the Hugo template from, Its a quick, easy, and awesome way to get started. Feel free to check out to see what it will look like straight out of the box!

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In the Netherlands, medical data of hundreds of thousands of patients has ended up in Google Cloud. The data has been 'pseudo-anonymized' but experts consider it easy to connect to individuals, and the move to Google 'unwise', 'risky'.

Why not #selfhost?

One of the perks of night shift is that you get to see all the April fools stuff first.

GG Nvidia,

Just created a Mastodon and Twitter account after years of not having one.

Let's see how it goes! :yay: :yay: :yay:

Hello World!

And welcome to the amazing world of bits.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...