I've created a Facebook account to find some of my old friends and try to ask them to come to Telegram at least. So we could stay somewhat in touch.
Well,after a week of giving Facebook my data,i've come not empty handed,cuz one friend decided it wouldn't be much of a hassle,but the rest of then couldn't be arsed. Will be deleting my Facebook for good tomorrow. And all the friends along with it. Sigh

@julialuna there is no sound in space because astronauts only use linux

Castopod is an in-development FOSS self-hostable podcasting platform, which now has Fediverse support too. You can follow at:

➡️ @Castopod

The project website is at castopod.org

It's still in alpha testing, but the latest version adds ActivityPub support so that people on Mastodon etc. can interact with Castopod posts.

The git is at code.podlibre.org/podlibre/cas

#Castopod #Podcasting #Podcasts #Podcast #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting

totally long & boring ramble about nothing 

And it's a simple quote, but I like it & I think it holds an important philosophy regarding computing in general...

There are paradigms in computer science that we don't understand due to our inexperience with certain concepts.

We can create visual mnemonics to help us understand things (instead of something stupidly complex like "an index in a storage unit that contains special bytes of data that represent characters" we just say "dat file has da words in it")

But such a mnemonic is harder to make for more complicated structures (call/cc, tail-end recursion, pointers)

but even though these things aren't immediately understandable, they only require a very minimal amount of usage before you understand them and think "well of course".

I think chris webber was just talking about this sort of thing regarding ActivityPub, where nobody understood it, but when people actually started using it, /everybody/ understood it and it was just the norm!

and it got me excited to find out just how many more /totally obscure/ paradigms are out there, that make no sense, but for some reason make using computers so much more fun!

Really helps lower the levels of sadness & existential dread, knowing how cool the world is, sometimes. (I'm not high; I just got carried away)

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The big thing in my neck of the woods is the volcano 🌋 in St Vincent.

Barbados was completely darkened by the ash cloud this afternoon. It looked like midnight.

Really unbelievable the power of the damn thing, the ash cloud is up to the stratosphere, where the winds blow west to east instead of east to west as at sea level. It's really strange to see the ash cloud going east. Counterintuitive.

Tried Whatsapp again,because needed to talk to a friend.
Deleted the account after.
Debated staying on it,but it makes me itch.
I just don't feel okay using it.

Do you recognize yourself in the mirror?

I've had people part ways with me on their own volition because i refused to listen to Whatsapp.
Heck, one even said that by refusing to violate my right to privacy using Whatsapp or Facebook, that i was indirectly mocking Snowden.
I still tried to remain in contact with this person however,giving them my phone number. Never heard from them again.

@HexDSL I tuned in and was playing Code Monkey!!! Fantastic!!!!

youtu.be/09C_IBkthug I made a thing. then made a thing to tell you about the thing

Faux meat 

Impossible burger was on sale so I picked up a couple packages of it. Making tacos as a first attempt cooking with it.

Your website and vides have helped me get back into the open source and linux world. So thanks for that!

Facebook, messenger, and Instagram are down.

That's what happens when you give three things one neck.

@ChrisWere Hope i'm not too much of a bother but just wanted to say congrats on the latest "Vampire: The Masquerade" video! Was thoroughly enjoyable to watch! Can't wait to see where you go next.

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