@linuxpaulm Yeah I have been trying to convince myself to switch to Consoles for gaming - as it would (in my case) totally remove the need to upgrade my PC's

@linuxpaulm outside of playing the latest AAA game, you could ague the same goes for PC's.
Writing this from e 3rd gen i5 laptop with 4-5% CPU load

@linuxpaulm Yeah LMDE seem not quite done baking imho - but it appears they keep it under dev, as a fallback strategy if Canonical becomes too crazy with the ubuntu base

Sure Mint is a LTS based distro, so it wont have the bleeding edge. So there is an argument to having rolling release distros, if you have bleeding edge HW for the support. But on the software side, even LTS distros have flatpak og snap support, so you can have newest software versions on and older base.
Point is, 95% of users do not have bleedig edge HW needs to a point that e.g. Mint cannot cover their needs.
There is room for all - not need to dicriminate - embrace it all

@linuxpaulm This have become somewhat of an annoyance for me, to the point where I have made a case of switching my machines back to Mint, because so many wanna be elitist, as so busy denouncing it as "just a beginner distro", that not worth it for power users.
Well Im a 25 year UNIX/Linux veteran power user - it does all i need with no issue.

@linuxpaulm I would tend to agree 112% to this statement. I think the entire semi elitism based around "My distro is better than yours" is just plain stupid and misguided. As you say its all subjective. The only true measurement should be, to which level of satisfaction the individual Distro/OS/Computer solves the needs of that particular user.

@cameron I’m so much there with your. I literally just rebased my laptop and workstation back to Mint....and my servers back to Debian

I've been Linuxing long enough that I've become lazy about my distros. Just want it to work and not have to fiddle with it. For a while I wanted nerdier distros and window managers and stuff. Now I'm just like "Maybe I'll install Mint?"

I know I've alienated half my Masto-followers now. Sorry. 😉

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@hund I need this as well. Let me know if you find something great

Can anyone recommend me a memorycardreader that works with Linux?

Recommendation needed. I'm looking for a resonably priced 16-24 port managed gigabit switch for home use. Requirements is vlan (802.1q + vlan trunks). Nice to have PoE, fanless, rack-mountable.
Considering TP-Link TL-SG1024DE if it can do the above?
Give me your recommendations please

Well I went at did it. Reformatted both laptop and workstation and put Manjaro on it, based on a gentle push from @HexDSL and some older videos by @ChrisWere (dont know if Chris have distro-hopped to something new). Why not full on native Arch - cuz I'm lazy, I want it to just work with little effort on my part.

Popey and Wimpress name calling Chris Titus for stating some of the less that stellar choices made by Canonical. To be honest, I'm disappointed. I personally dislike the move towards snapping everything. Take criticism a bit more like grown ups

@ChrisWere Q: are you still on, and recommending, Manjaro for tour Main machine and MX for the low power laptop?
I'm looking for good recommendation for a Ubuntu (Mate), as I'm starting to dislike the directon it heading. Looking for something that have up2dates while not bleeding edge

Wrote another blog post today (blog.vt100.dk). This time on "The paradox of choice" that we other face as geek. Comments and input is welcome as always

Inspired by the likes of @HexDSL and @ChrisWere I decided to relaunch my blog. It's just my own take on tech I get to play with, and conversations about tech I like to have. Please stop by, any comments/suggestions will be appreciated. And if you want to partake in discussion that would be great. Just keep it clean please.
URL:. blog.vt100.dk

Along the same track, opinions/suggestions is the headless homelab platform (with reasons why). Which to use and why.
ESXi, Proxmox, XenServer(derivatives), Virtualbox, VirtManager/KVM/qemu on Debian/Centos, Other?
Aside from VMs I will also be running a few Docker/CRI-O containers.
All input will be appreciated.

@matt Yeah been using Centos for years, as I used RHEL on the job, is seem obvious. I even used it for my RHCE studies. I never really looked at Fedora, so I might take the leap. I'm hearing Nvidia drivers is less of an issue in Fedora 30

Considering switching to Fedora, not for any good reason, aside from choosing the non-mainstream choice.
Just like my servers are running Centos and not Debian/Ubuntu like everyone else.
I know things will become more troublesome - but hey, who am I not to make my life harder

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