Well I went at did it. Reformatted both laptop and workstation and put Manjaro on it, based on a gentle push from @HexDSL and some older videos by @ChrisWere (dont know if Chris have distro-hopped to something new). Why not full on native Arch - cuz I'm lazy, I want it to just work with little effort on my part.

Popey and Wimpress name calling Chris Titus for stating some of the less that stellar choices made by Canonical. To be honest, I'm disappointed. I personally dislike the move towards snapping everything. Take criticism a bit more like grown ups

@ChrisWere Q: are you still on, and recommending, Manjaro for tour Main machine and MX for the low power laptop?
I'm looking for good recommendation for a Ubuntu (Mate), as I'm starting to dislike the directon it heading. Looking for something that have up2dates while not bleeding edge

Wrote another blog post today (blog.vt100.dk). This time on "The paradox of choice" that we other face as geek. Comments and input is welcome as always

Inspired by the likes of @HexDSL and @ChrisWere I decided to relaunch my blog. It's just my own take on tech I get to play with, and conversations about tech I like to have. Please stop by, any comments/suggestions will be appreciated. And if you want to partake in discussion that would be great. Just keep it clean please.
URL:. blog.vt100.dk

Along the same track, opinions/suggestions is the headless homelab platform (with reasons why). Which to use and why.
ESXi, Proxmox, XenServer(derivatives), Virtualbox, VirtManager/KVM/qemu on Debian/Centos, Other?
Aside from VMs I will also be running a few Docker/CRI-O containers.
All input will be appreciated.

Considering switching to Fedora, not for any good reason, aside from choosing the non-mainstream choice.
Just like my servers are running Centos and not Debian/Ubuntu like everyone else.
I know things will become more troublesome - but hey, who am I not to make my life harder

I wanted to ask you guys - whats you experiences with TLC based SSD's - are they stable enough ?

Using a 20% off voucher on WD.com, receiving the product, with thanks.... another voucher for 20% off.
Why not lower the asking price on the site a and increase sales. Not that I'm complaining, just seems an obvious thing to do for WD

Is it just me that have issues when exiting a game launched through steam. It seems to hang X, nothing happened. I can exit to another try and kill it, but X seems to stay affected til I reboot. Game I a "windows" game (its Skyrim). In runs flawlessly when playing.......

Benchmarked my old home build NAS, to see if I could argue for getting myself new gear (gear lust is real).
Speed was saturating the 1Gbit link in both directions, and storage space only about half used.
This on an old++ AMD-E350 CPU mini-itx with 8gb ram.
Running ZFS mirror on Ubuntu Server.
Guess no need to upgrade.

Another great experience today. Got my old voice-recorder device working in WINE. It's a very old WinXP application for the sync (won't run in Win7/10). But in WINE, works flawlessly

Finding out that keepassxc have client for Win/MAC/Linux......plain old just saved my day. Obviously testing the inter-OS compatibility on the Native Linux Client with the Win client running in WINE.
Oh Why didnt you tell me it was this easy. I see my god ol Win7 VM is going to die :-)

Damn - Wine got goood. Just manged to install 2 older windows tools i really liked and Freelancer (the game) with zero effort. And it just works.

With all the good offers on GOG for my old favorite games, and games j never played, I'm hoping they would do a Linux client and something like Proton.
Today's pick up was "Return to castle Wolfenstein" and "Railroad Tycoon 3" - for around 2 Euro each.

BTW, did anyone do an rewamp or update to Elite Frontier, that's worth playing?

Found a physical copy (on DVD) of Microsofts Freelancer game. I hope it's still as.great a I seem to remember. And that I can get it running in Linux.

Got a great scoop today at the local thrift shop, while dropping off some books and DVDs. Found Bioshock 2, Hitman2: Silent Assassin and Civilization 5 for a total of 12 EUR.
Just har to finish Skyrim first 🙂
Too much work to find enough time for playing games

Was inspired by @HexDSL video on mutt and i3. Spend a few hours going down that rabbit hole....only to wonder, why didn't I do this sooner. It solves so many of my UI grievances with Mate and similar VMs

Seriously considering going back to all console apps (aside from Firefox) running in something like i3vm.
It's just more focused and less meddling move windows around and having to use the mouse too much

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