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Do you have other interests, passions; whatever you call it, other than Linux & computers, etc?

For me it's cooking, fly fishing, & pottery. Sometimes it feels odd, they're all so disparate, but I really like them all. My partner and I have almost 450 cookbooks (I know, it's a problem) & use them all. I've been fly fishing for 35 years. And pottery is something I've been interested in since university, which is 24 years ago.


Languages (dead and living)

Comparative religions

Tea (I blame my wife for creating this monster)

And, fountain pens

@montdor Brilliant. My first two years of university I was a linguistics major. But that's a long story...

Tea, me too. Just opened a really lovely Oolong today.

I majored and master-ed (if that's a word) in Comparative Literature, so that was an amazing experience vis-a-vis languages and different cultures

Which one was it? The wife and I went hard on our tea wishlist on Black Friday / Cyber Monday and some is expected any minute!

Brilliant. I was obsessed with learning language and thought linguistics would be the way to do so. Realized I didn't care about the meaning, form, and description of language as much as as the context as understood through communication and culture.

I keep telling myself that I only love green tea, but coming to accept I like all types of tea. And by tea I refer specifically to Camellia sinensis. I realize there are other "teas" out there but they aren't my interest.

Yeah, I'd agree with you on that to some extent. Sometimes the passion goes away when things become descriptive like that.

I used to only like plain black (or so I thought) until looking into all the other types of tea (not tisanes, though I do like a cup of camomile when sick or about to go to bed). Oolongs have to be my favorite (Honey Orchid is divine!)

Honey orchid was one of the ones I was debating getting. I'll have to give it a try next time. While we try to avoid Black Friday, my partner and I just ordered 1.5kg of tea. 🤦‍♂️

That will hold us for a little while.

Yes, I enjoy this raspberry tisane from Germany when I'm ill or before bed.

I agree with you and acknowledge my reasoning for moving away from linguistics oversimplified it too much. But it was easier given character limits. 😉

Wow! We didn't get that much, but we got a good stockpile!
Our philosophy has been "it's not a sale if you weren't already planning on buying it" so we just keep it in a list until sales. Though, I would expect from your profile our thoughts on this would not align about this stuff (this is why I love Mastodon though, civil discourse about whatever (TEA!) without drama, irrespective of politics!)

Despite the simplicity, I think you made a perfectly good point!

Honey Orchid was the only tea my wife and I rated 10/10 on aroma and flavor. It's a flash-steep tea (like <10 seconds) but it's so awesome I can't really describe it.
Excellent timing of this conversation though, because tea just came in the mail!

Thank you, very kind of you.
I hope you enjoy your tea-haul as well!

I completely agree! That's why Mastadon is the only social media I now participate in.

Sadly, civil discourse seems to be out of practice at the moment, regardless of where one lives.

I also feel we (as in humanity) need to start at a point of mutual agreement, regardless of how big or small and establish rapport and respect before tackling more difficult topics. When we learn we can identify and have compassion on others, then we are able to take on more complex things.

Hahaha. Sorry. I ended switching my order at the last minute. 😂😂

I ended up skipping the Oolong and got a Hubei Keemun Ji Hong. It was inexpensive but tastes lovely.

I brew it in the more traditional Chinese method.

Start with a hot rinse for 10 seconds.
Then brew each consecutive pot at increasing 10 second intervals until I get up to one minute. Then brew it at one minute intervals until it's tired.

I got seven steepings (??) yesterday & it was still going!

I don't know if you like Chinese tea or not. If you do and have never seen the following website, do check them out!


No affiliation, but love their tea and brilliant customer service!

Sorry, this probably won't help you addiction. 🤣🤣

Don't you worry, I'm WAY past that point. Ordered from White2Tea and TeaVivre and plan on Yunnan/Taiwan Sourcing next time around. We gong-fu-cha almost daily. The tea YouTube community has steered me well most of the time haha.
I've had Keemun before, and have liked it a lot. Inexpensive is always better in my book, especially if it's good!
If you get a chance, the Honey Orchid oolong from TeaVivre got a good 6-7 steeps and is delicate and honey-y and it's probably my favorite!

Never heard of them before, we'll have to check them out. Thanks.

Interesting. Never occurred to me to look at tea related things in YouTube.....

Oh yeah, that and the tea subreddit are great sources of knowledge, since we're not in a major city with tea-places to go to.
I'd recommend (my two favorites):
- TeaDB (two dudes sitting and drinking tea -- huge backlog of episodes)
- Tea House Ghost (a tea house owner who goes through a lot of fundamental stuff)

Tnere are others, but some are more corporate than others so it's hit or miss for me

Thanks! I'll definitely have to take a look at those.

I'm in a similar situation. I live about a 20 minutes drive from a town of about 25,000 people (with nothing tea related). The closest city is an hour and a half drive.

That's brilliant! Never knew there was such a thing. Thanks for sharing.

@redandgreen14 I'm obsessed with the drums lately, but I also play the bass. Black/death metal only. I'm reading more and more books about history, specially ancient history. It's fascinating. And skateboarding. The first sport I can enjoy

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