So what is the best Linux distro after all? 

I'm getting a new laptop next week (Dell XPS13) and I'm excited and all that, but...


So far I've been using ElementaryOS, but I think I'm ready for a change. On a different computer I've been using Debian + Mate desktop, but that feels a little old? Tried Gnome 3 before but that's too fancy for my taste.

What's a nice clean yet modern distro + desktop?

So what is the best Linux distro after all? 

@gka Personally, even though I'm a distro-hopper, I almost always come back to OpenSUSE. Not sure why, maybe familiarity? I've tried a lot of them too. I feel it's a good mix of GUI based desktop and old-school Linux, with lots of new things too.

As far as DE, I mostly stick with Gnome, but do switch to Budgie. The latter seems to have gotten much better since I first tried it a couple of years ago.

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