Tune in to our new episode! @katherined, @dsearls and Shawn Powers have far too much fun continuing the conversation about and the , with a dose of photography.
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@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls Yes, It's enjoyable also when you not really preapare, like today! Tell Shawn as well, as he is not on Mastodon yet...
Doc, what about going analog again in photography!? But I do agree, it is troublesome there appear to be less cameras at consumer level.

@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls No I got the link back from my website to turn green. Struggled a bit to understand, thougt first that "me" could be anything and should match the text, but when reading more carefully they don't need to match but the rel must be "me". I think. At least it's green right now...! Explore and learn!

@hehemrin @katherined @dsearls this one is still not green. Not sure why not, but not losing sleep over it. Yet. 😆 The link is there on the podcast page. 🤷‍♀️

@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls When I look at sourecode, under "Reality 2.0 on social media", I see Twitter, Fb and Youtube, but not Mastodon. I cannot find "rel="me" anywhere on the start page. Haven't decoded how you inserted the Mastodon-link which for sure is there. But seems as not implemented in a way that Mastodon can decode. Good luck to figure out!

@hehemrin @reality2cast @dsearls oh, I think I figured it out. I add the mastodon link with custom JavaScript that I’m able to add in the fireside podcast hosting backend. It’s not supported by default in the theme. I guess it may be time to build a custom website instead of using the podcast host for it, but it’s very convenient this way. This is how those links should look, but Mastodon won’t see it.

@katherined @reality2cast @dsearls One cannot put too much efforts on everything. As long as it works ok. You cannot add from fireside backend a text frame with the required html-code? Eventually in small siza or of possible same color as background, if you only want the icon link to be visible. Just a thought. On a non-important matter.

@hehemrin @reality2cast @dsearls I looked at it again, and yes, I can add a little html. So now we have a secret easter egg and a green checkmark!

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