Tune in to our new Episode 109: From Twitter to the Fediverse with Mastodon! @katherined talks to Shawn Powers and @kyle about moving from to the using , including how to choose a server and find your niche.
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@reality2cast @katherined @kyle Masterminds speculates about Twitter and Mastodon! I get some new knowledge.

@reality2cast @katherined @kyle did you know that besides having a self-hosted Mastodon/Pleroma server, you can have verified links in your Bio to verify that you have the correct account?

Those links turn green (at least in the @fedilab app) 😎👍

@RyuKurisu @reality2cast @kyle Funny, I never noticed the verification heading on the profile edit screen. I added rel="me" to the podcast page. Thanks!

@katherined @reality2cast @kyle your welcome, I hope it'll also gets a mention in the next show so even more people get to know about this feature.

Btw isn't Doc Searls on the Fediverse? 😎👍

@RyuKurisu @reality2cast @kyle thanks again! We mentioned it and gave you a shout out somewhere in there amongst our shenanigans.

@katherined @reality2cast @kyle I heard it. I wouldn't have minded if my Mastodon handle was linked in the description of the podcast; it is public for a reason 🤪👍

You can have multiple referrals in your Bio and you don't have to specifically call it "me" AFAIK 🤔

@RyuKurisu @reality2cast @kyle It’s a good thing Shawn didn’t have your home address though. 🤣

@katherined @RyuKurisu @reality2cast What's also funny is that I've had two verified links in my own profile (one for Purism and one for my personal site) for ages but totally forgot that I had done it, and about the process, when we were doing the podcast.

@kyle @katherined @reality2cast only the personal site is still verified when I'm looking at your profile 🤔

@reality2cast @katherined @kyle You've prompted me to delve back into social media. I like the Mastodon fork. It keeps me from doomscrolling.

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