Just out episode 106! @katherined and @dsearls revisit the topic of data privacy.
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@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls Reading Shoshana's & Carissa's books
and following the right to repair movement
I kept coming back to Stallman's thoughts
on 'intellectual property'. If you come at
this problem from a libertarian perspective
and reframe patent & copyright as limited
grants of government mandated monopoly they
start to look like the root cause of many of
these issues.

@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls If you neutered copyright/patents so as to make proprietary hardware and software
not worth the effort. Which would technically
in this framing be an act of deregulation. You would redress the power imbalance because people and other company's are free to pull the rug out from anyone abusing their power and do their own thing, i.e. a more competitive market.

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