With two daughters at school, @alcinnz, you might know how I feel these days.

The worst issue is that many #Italian #teachers have been trained through #GAFAM webinars: people absorb them as #training while it's just #marketing.

Yet there is hope: I'm slowly spreading #Jitsi #selfhosting.


@Shamar @alcinnz exactly... My school provided us with a Google account. We have to use Google Meet everyday, with the provided account because, as my professors say, the school uses it to check user participation.

Ita: ogni giorno usiamo google meet. Dicono che dobbiamo usare l'account scolastico google perché le presenze devono essere tracciabili

@ranfdev @Shamar @alcinnz did you have to accept Google's Terms and Conditions to participate? (i.e. click "I ACCEPT" some where?) I wonder what they would've done if you'd refused to accept the Google Ts&Cs...


@lightweight @Shamar @alcinnz i don't remember, they gave us this google account 4y ago

@ranfdev @Shamar @alcinnz If someone there accepted the terms on your behalf, they've probably violated the terms in doing so.

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