1.5 years ago I changed the battery of my Thinkpad t430. Now the battery is dying again. One week ago the capacity was at 36%, now it's at 26%. This is a big problem, because I don't want to buy 2 more batteries until 2021. Do programs like tlp make a real difference in mantaining the capacity over time?

@ranfdev I know that they've pushed battery optimization for laptops in kernel 4.17, and people are reporting that tlp does help a bit. I'm not using any laptop at the moment, so take these words with a grain of salt.

tlp does help your battery last longer, and drains it slower which is better. See my video below.

However, to make it last much longer try to actually let it drain down to ~5% and then charge it up again at least once every couple months. Some say that's an old NiCad trick, but it's still good for Lithiums, and helps ensure your system is more accurate at knowing the SOC.

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