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dd mistery:
I have an iso file.
I flash the iso to a usb using dd.
In the usb there are now 2 partitions.

I make an md5sum of the iso file (let's say the output of the md5sum is X).
I make an md5sum of the FIRST partition, by doing "md5sum /dev/sdc1" and I get the same hash X.

How is it possible?
The iso apparently contains 2 partitions.
I made the md5sum of just 1 partition and I get the exact hash.

Me yesterday: Yeah, it's awesome to use the bicycle to move around in the city.

Me today: *without bicycle because someone stole it while I was in a market*

I managed to install GNOME builder on alpine linux using flatpaks... Flatpaks are really cool

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This is awesome. NPR gave me a legitimate choice to accept their cookies and have a fancy experience or get the raw content I wanted with their text-only site.

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If you want to backup your computer, I have to recommend Borg Backups.

I've just looked over it for work, and I'm left wondaring: why aren't the popular services getting these basics right?

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@ranfdev was trying to reply to you but bitlbee was trying to respond to the deleted tweet. Anyway, Enlightment uses EFL, that, although seemingly an imperative-oop hybrid, is flexible and performant. It is not popular. Enlightenment has a scripting language that dwarfs Javascript in versatility in my opinion.

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Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. Get your own domain name and install a self-hosted blog on it. Stay away from commercial and hosted platforms. That's the best way to be independent, decentralized and stay in control.

Will we ever see something like developer.apple.com/xcode/swif for native gtk (or qt) linux app development?

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Nice project: Use images to solve tasks for #OpenStreetMap:


Like #StreetComplete, but for armchair mapping at home. 😃 #OSM

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Mmm.... Maybe i've already shared this... Nevermind this needs more attention.


I don't know how to easily describe this...
You can have an account on a shared PC. Then you can ssh into it, or just use the services they provide: mastodon, peertube, irc, cryptpad, pleroma, minetest server, nextcloud, gopher... You name it

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#Jellyfin is an amazing FLOSS fork of Emby, a previously open source media server that recently became proprietary. I set it up on a server with 1 GB of RAM and a single-core processor at 3.5 GHz and it runs *beautifully*. In addition to the web UI, there are clients for Android, Android TV, desktop, Kodi, and Mopidy as well as some deprecated apps that need some love 😉

With my quite terrible specs, Jellyfin will even transcode media from one resolution to a lower one in real time if you have bandwidth limits. I am *very* impressed and can't recommend it enough if you're looking for something like this.

Main website:



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It's so sad to see an old os running faster inside a virtual machine than your modern os on bare metal

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