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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

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I'm about to release a new, highly broken alpha for #Tootle 2.0, the native Mastodon client for Linux :toot:

In 2.0 you can expect:

- Improved UI and UX. Thanks to #GTK 4 and Libadwaita, you can expect a massive responsiveness boost!

- New sidebar layout. Now all your accounts and quick links can be found in a separate view.

- Initial Pleroma support (but don't expect full compatibility yet!)

- Improved credential store

- Improved in-memory caching

- 100% more bugs!

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Mastodon (or any other activity pub server) basically works by
- receiving activities (events) from other servers
- building a database out of activities.

I’m thinking about building a microblog with only redis as a data store:
- the server receives activities and puts them inside a redis stream
- a graph database (RedisGraph) is built with the data coming from the redis stream.

A *graph* database should be excellent for a social *network*.

It would be extremely fast. Given enough RAM.

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Clojure seems really well thought. I'm writing a game in ClojureScript (same language, different compilation target) and the code is so clean.

It's a lisp, it's functional, it's...
It's just FUN!

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Fragments will get a big V2 update soon! 😎

Completely rewritten from scratch to make use of GTK4, libadwaita - and of course Rust!

A small sneak peek...

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GLib, amongst other vital things like collection types, provides a "mainloop" which repeatedly asks the Linux Kernel which registered "sources" should be triggered. These sources in turn inevitably kick off all the signals you might have registered to.

Signals and mainloops are important to put the user in control of control flow rather than the computer!


The raw user input behind those events are sent by the hardware to Linux for it to normalize & send to Mutter via X11.


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Polish university student Wojciech Kosior shares his story of how he managed to graduate without being forced to use Zoom, Skype, or other nonfree programs: u.fsf.org/3bv

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@nekojanai @SeanAloysiusOBrien Voting by mail requires a national conspiracy to disrupt it; you have to intercept a lot of letters. Voting by computer requires a single person who is good at computer.

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Welcome to centralized Internet 🤷 A number of high profile websites are down right now, apparently due to a failure at Fastly (?)

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Accessibility Concerns for Content Staff - Karl Groves @ Tenon.io: blog.tenon.io/accessibility-co

Cognitive Bias and the Design Process - Jon Yablonski: jonyablonski.com/articles/2021

The Right Tag for the Job: Why You Should Use Semantic HTML - Sophie Koonin: localghost.dev/2021/06/the-rig

That means with pollen you can use the entire power of lisp to build your website.

It's so cool, really. Way better than PHP's mess.

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Pollen's lisp maps perfectly to XML:

<tag attribute="value">content</tag>


◊tag[#:attribute "value"]{content}

which expanded then becomes

(tag ((attribute "value")) content)

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