Written by a leading developer and maintainer of the Linux kernel, Linux Kernel in a Nutshell is a comprehensive overview of kernel configuration and building, a critical task for Linux users and administrators.

The author offers the book for free on his website kroah.com/lkn/

The concept is awesome. Auto completion in the terminal is fundamental. It's a way to discover and learn new features of a program without opening the documentation every time. The only problem: this is written in electron.

I want to build a web application which must have the following capabilities: login, file upload, encryption, database... I could use firebase to do most of this, but I want my users to be as free as possible and not use another google powered service. I know about ipfs, dat and blockstack.
Do you know any other technology which could help me build this? Is blockstack stable enough?
Cc: @aral

@codesections from your toots I saw you are using keybase. Do you consider keybase trustworthy?

I have just installed , but I'm missing something. Where do they get the money from? They don't have a donation page and they don't sell ads. At the same time they offer 250gb of storage to any user for free. Why do they do this?

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What screen do you recommend? I need a really cheap one (under 25$), and it should be big enough to display a Linux terminal (so I think it should be bigger than 3.5"). I couldn't find anything...

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Has anyone used fd? It is an alternative to the find command written in Rust. It is faster and easier to use. Also the readme gives you practical examples such as mass converting flac to opus.

Give it a try, I really like it.


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Creates react framework
*still Facebook*
Doesn't have a progressive web app

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I just wrote a bash script as an alternative to pywal (utility to generate colorschemes). It's long 35 LOC and uses only imagemagick as a dependency.
You can also provide a list of template files you want to "render" with the colorscheme (it will change some expression to a color)

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discord combines all the stuff I hate about technology:
- javascript
- electron
- proprietary
- unreliable
- spyware
- bloat

it's like someone designed this to fuck me up as much as possible

*Smartphone with ten times the performance of an older Nokia*
Takes same time to boot and open a calculator

Everything is fine on chrome. Maybe I should open a bug report.
If you want to test the page codepen.io/desandro/pen/LLwzWB

@ranfdev yup, that's a big memory leak. It happens even on windows, but windows somehow manages to not crash

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