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For almost five years, we have been doing the exercise of replacing stock OS on phones. We can tell first hand how oftentimes unnecessarily difficult/impossible it is. In the interest of reducing the insane amount of e-waste and truly being in control of our devices, we need laws that allow us to install any software on any device!

Thanks to @fsfe for writing a nice open letter about just that, we happily signed it:


Bluetooth headphones with 300h+ battery life?
That's a pair of headphones I like.
I don't like their price though.


The biggest color receptor in our eye is the green one...

Maybe that is part why we relax while going in nature?

Biggest receptor is for green + Nature is green => less eye strain and mind stress processing nature's colors?

Just a thought, I don't know if this is true...

Bruh. The command `nixos-container` is a Perl script.


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what shift key do you use (boost pls)

I’ve chatted with a flatpak contributor and made some corrections to my previous article.

Flatpaks *are actually reproducible*, but the problems in the article are still valid. Read the new paragraph I’ve added at the top.

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Big shout out to our dev teams. Thanks to their efforts, we have a free software mobile platform and vibrant third party app ecosystem based on the GNOME stack. And because
we are upstreaming improvements the GNOME experience on desktop has gotten much better at the same time! Read more by @tbernard puri.sm/posts/how-to-be-upstre

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I've just used the program "jq" today.
It's sed+awk, for JSON.

Damn it's cool.
You can manipulate JSON files at the speed of thought.

It's really nice when you find a tool that solves your problem, and does so elegantly.

I’m releasing Geopard, a simple, colorful gemini client. Browse the space and reach hundreds of gemini capsules! It let’s you read stories, download files, play games…
Get it from flathub while its hot! flathub.org/apps/details/com.r

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#OsmAnd, a popular mobile front-end app for #OpenStreetMap launches a new version of their website

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Autofocus glasses!
What with the inexorable march of time etc, I find it harder to change focus from near to far.
These glasses have refocusable lenses (from some horrible cheap dial-eye specs), a couple of little linear servos to drive them, and a couple of endoscope camera modules to track my eyes.
The focus is adjusted based on where my eyes are converging.

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When we created ODF 20+ years ago, Microsoft first laughed at the committee at OASIS, then made OOXML to render it moot, then rigged ISO to make OOXML a standard, then implemented ODF and now participates in the ODF committee and helps fund its work through COSM.

#Bluesky is Twitter's OOXML to #ActivityPub and it's at the "rigging ISO" stage.

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My brain is 🤯 rn. I'm going on a trip and I was thinking about which laptop I want to bring (I have a bunch of old laptops lying around that people give me). I realized I can use my #SteamDeck as a laptop by docking it with my #Nexdock !! This didn't even occur to me as a possibility before now. This is so cool.
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Apparently Apple is really intent on backdooring end to end encryption so they can run algorithms on people's private content.


They ditched (or more realistically: postponed) this in the US because people were outraged (largely the information security and civil rights communities).

It makes me sad, not because I like Apple (I don't), but because they were the giant that was advertising that they were pro-privacy.

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