The Lunduke Show: "MX Linux - The new distro king?"

"Question from the audience: How do you feel about MX Linux becoming the new Linux standard?

It seems that a mild mannered superstar has been created?"


Are you in love with our solar system? We don’t blame you. We designed a poster set that showcases the beauty of our planets, moons, comets, and asteroids — with optional orbit diagrams and information on the back. Explore our galactic neighborhood: 

Xfce 4.14 - switching from gtk2 to gtk3 libraries - is already too late for Debian Buster but the first pre-release version is out.

Packagers have now prepared it for the Dev team so it can be integrated and any issues worked out in time for MX-19 to ship with it.

Great stuff!

I sometimes wear a Linux Action Show hoodie and my boyfriend has my old Ubuntu hoodie that he sometimes wears.

I was grabbing lunch alone today at a sub shop we frequent and one of the employees recognized me as one of the two who come in together wearing Linux hoodies and told me he'd been playing around with Linux recently and that he really likes the Plasma desktop.

Talking about something I love with someone new was a nice little boost at the end of a long, rough week.

I've been using MX for about a year now and I have quit my distro hopping ways. My desktop configuration is exactly what I want and every bit of software I want is there. Congratulations on the number one slot on You deserve it.

Cover your tits people, it is up to you.
If you roam around like this, don't be surprised if people stare at your

A dandy little (and custom) system monitor, gkrellm is an old but handy system monitor esp useful for distros that don't come with conky. It's in most repositories. Or apt-get it.

ScreenShot Sunday. Gkrellm seems to haven gotten an update. Now shows top processes under CPU. Nice to see it's still maintained.

I love duckduckgo I will not use google search again! I was trying to find a political article posted sometime ago for a friend. I searched google and all I saw was anti-Trump articles. What I was looking for was 8 pages deep. I used the same terms on duck duck go and it was the third link down. I am tired of companies like google trying to push specific view points and not giving me what I was actually looking for. Search engine should not be bios on either side.

After US pressure, moves accelerate to strip WikiLeaks' publisher @JulianAssange of Ecuadorian citizenship. His cit…

Nuts. Can't pay my IP bill and ran out of high speed on my Gofone. But still have 2G on the Blessed thing. My work-around: Install Tethering settings shortcut by AsianProGamer on the Android and put up with 15 KB/sec bandwidth. NO video, (nope not gonna do it) but html works. On it now with my laptop tethered. Try a light browser like Dillo. This comes from Chromium, but Mastodon is not bandwidth needy. To my fellow Mastodonians, hope you never need this, but if you do....

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