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I wrote a shell script that toggles between the dark and light variants of your current GTK theme.

I found that I use it quite often so I thought I might share it and I hope it becomes quite useful to people here too!

It can be found here: github.com/rifazn/dark-toggle

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The Programmers Credo: We do these things not because they are easy but because we thought they were going to be easy!

[About a movie] Honestly shocked to see such poor reviews for the Guy Ritchie film, Revolver (2005). Glad I trusted my taste for trying such movies instead of going for the aggregate user (audience) reviews.

I wrote a tiny shell script that toggles between light and dark variants of your GTK theme. Hopefully it is POSIX compliant. Criticisms welcome!


Check out this nice colorscheme* I stumbled upon by just randomising color values! You can literally spend hours over in terminal.sexy!


color scheme: for any terminal emulator, vim, almost anything linux

I just completed "The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2019 adventofcode.com/2019/day/1

Im looking for a tool to make presentation slides using Markdown and not some Powerpoint-like software.

I've found quite a few candidates and I'll update later with the one I finally choose. Peace.

This is the future version of you speaking. If you are very, very sad right now, don't worry I know you will see through this. Just hold on a little longer... Here, have this nice music to help your mind


I just had my download ~720 MB for an update which after installation would take 3.4 GB on my computer... This made me think if this was Windows, it would generally be like, 3.4GB of download and lot more than that after installation.

The nice little moments in a () based OS.

TIL you can do a simple NAND operation in just by writing

`int(not 1 & 1)` and this will evaluate to `1`.


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if your Linux "cat" command gets stuck and you need to cancel it, you must run "killall -9 cat" because the process has 9 lives

Is anyone aware of any way I can use `rsync` to sync with a server? I am aware of `rclone`, but I don't want to use that.

For when you need to write fully portable bash scripts that can be used in the wild.


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Gonna be a tough month so I thought I'd do some commissions for the fediverse.

Anyone want some 10 Euro sketch/drawing commissions from me in my style?


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...