I'd like to point out that I'm slowly rebranding things. I'm worried that people who are used to seeing the old logo will wonder who I am, so if those of you exist, this was the old logo.

Don't hold me accountable to this, but I'm strongly considering installing arch soon

I wish there was a way to make a VM, install everything and transfer all my files to it, then move that VM to a permanent install. The fear of losing something important or a program not working is the biggest thing keeping me from distrohopping right now.

How do y'all control your webcams on Linux? The V4L2-ctl command *works* but I would much rather have a GUI or something where I can fiddle with the focus and such and quickly see the changes. If I can't find a solution I might just make a GUI for it myself...or try to compile a GUI project I found on GitHub that hasn't been maintained in 5 years.

I swear I spend more time dealing with Windows issues on my work computer than I do tinkering with Linux on my personal computer.
I'm also certain that Windows updates make things worse more often than they actually improve anything.

To be clear, this may seem more like a rant, which it is, but I'm also genuinely curious if there are any facts or theories explaining why companies like Nintendo are doing this gate keeping thing on old games/software.

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Do companies like Nintendo actually have any benefit from keeping digital copies of old games locked down? It seems that Nintendo will occasionally reboot old Pokémon games with better graphics, but I'm looking at companies like Id Software making money and preserving classic games by releasing digital copies of the original Doom games on Steam. I feel like Nintendo would have the same benefit if they sold their classics to be used with emulators and I don't think it would hurt new game sales.

I don't understand the concept of wearing summer clothes "because it's hot outside" if you're not outside. I'm going to dress for inside weather not outside weather.

I really want a Pinebook Pro but the version with the ANSI keyboard is out of stock :(

I learned recently that a "weed" is just a plant you don't want. So if you have a potted flower and you don't want it, technically you have a potted weed.

Are there any banks that don't have any problems with browsers running on Linux? For some reason some functionally doesn't work for me and tech support insisted it's my OS, so I'm considering switching.

I recently discovered a "game" called Dwarf Fortress, and it is consuming my life. In my first adventure, I built a very minimal fort which was attacked by a weremadillo. Every full moon after that, any dwarves who got bit would turn into a weremadillo and go on murderous, bitey rampages. It's truly amazing if you have a lot of time and some energy to spare.

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I try so hard not to pirate, but damn companies don't make it easy!

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The only technologies you should trust are the ones you don’t need to trust because the people who built them decentred themselves and designed them so you don’t have to trust anyone – including them – to begin with.

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if anyone gives you the chance to become a web developer, stick your tongue out at them, tell them no, and run very fast as far away as you can get.

Software with bad security is technically NSFW

I feel like I'm constantly in a state of either needing to refactor large amounts of code or stressing before I start coding because I don't want to have to refactor later.

Update: I'm making a really basic tower defense game in Java and I'm having a good time.

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I feel like I got used to demonizing Java for its garbage collector, then I realized that a lot of really complex games are made with C# which is also garbage collected. Maybe Java isn't as bad as I like to think it is.

I might try to make a game in Java soon.

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