What do you think is the best Linux operating system to ensure great compatibility with the latest hardware "out of the box"?

New version brings a small new feature (show which of your friends introduced an acquaintance on your feed) and a HUGE improvement in performance. Indexing is now 3x faster 🔥. Download: manyver.se/download/

The new KDE Slimbook 4 is here 💻🎉! This elegant and sleek machine now comes with a 5700U Ryzen processor that gives you more raw power combined with a better battery performance.

Check out the full specs here:


Purchase a KDE Slimbook machine and help support our community! @SlimbookEs donates a percentage of each sale 💶 to KDE.

Here's a recap of what I got up to in June with the support of my lovely Patreon supporters. Topics include Bonesweeper, Hive Time, and Blendsday patreon.com/posts/68672372

This is also why we're bringing out a deluxe edition *physical* version that will come on an sd card in an actual box (with actual stuff in it, such as a dice game, soundtrack, other cool things)

Because we're gamers, too.

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In case people weren't clear on our stance about DRM and cloud gaming...
What Ubisoft is doing here is why we're opposed to it.

Our stance is, you buy one of our games, it's yours to keep or do whatever you like with for as long as you can find a way to keep x64 compatible hardware running.


Relationships and privacy go hand in hand ❤️🤝❤️

That's why over the last week or so we've been examining Session as a tool for intimate communication.

If you're comfortable anonymously sharing your story, we'd love to share it with our community in an article we're writing.

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Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...