Every time I see updates on the , I get so excited and hope that it can be a successful alternative, however niche, to Android and iOS.

Let's see if I cave and end up pre-ordering the thing this year!

@pinguino_azulado I’m exactly on the same boat. Living where I live though, it’s very hard to order it, as the price will be prohibitively high.

Currently there’s no tech-related issue I think more about than this one, probably. I really don’t understand why or how the FOSS community, concerned about freedom and privacy as we are, shows so little concern about using Android.

You go onto something like /r/Android, and nobody bats an eye at what Google is doing behind the scenes. Some even welcome it! It's crazy!

@pinguino_azulado indeed. I can’t get my head around this... The smartphone I use is the one I get from work and after some four years on iOS they got me an Android phone. It was truly refreshing in many respects, a breath of fresh air (especially having a file system I could access and the huge amount of open source software - at least compared to iOS), but the sensation of having to escape from Google’s eyes all the time is really annoying. I don’t know yet what I’ll do with my photos...

I want the librem5 so much, but I worry it won't have software support for a nice, healthy selection of apps.

@jondavidenas I'm sure it'll lack quite a few, but the fact that it'll be a proper GNU/Linux system helps. There'll be so much more available, and then hopefully more touch-friendly apps make it through as well.

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