Just thought I'd put this out there, but go follow my backup account pinguino@fosstodon.org

I might switch between the two when I feel like mixing it up :P feel bad for leaving it there when it's such a nice community!

Got around to signing up an XMPP account to compare how it runs against Matrix. Add me if you'd like!


I was hoping Croatia would win it all (also because of Lovren, YNWA, brate) as it's been such a crazy World Cup and having a new country win it would've been great to round it off, but congrats to France for seeing it through. At least I have French family so it's not too bad of a loss for my dark horse :P

Espero que Argentina o México aprenden de sus errores y tienen un mundial estupendo en cuatro años :D

I believe I have finally conquered the last hurdle to #freemyself from Windows. I cannot think of anything I need on my personal machine at home (not work related) that I need windows for. I am going to set my windows system drive in a safe place for now. all it took was 18 years of trying distro after distro to finally find the one that works for me.

My Let's Split has finally shipped, and I absolutely cannot wait to get it! Good thing I have some blank keycaps to use for the time being, as the Pulse keycaps aren't supposed to get here until November/December probably. You know, just Massdrop things.

*Outage Alert*

Just a reminder I will be shutting down linuxrocks in about 8 hours to start the coping the VM to a new server. This has to be done as I have been putting off extending the disk till after the move and we are getting very tight on space. It appears last night it filled up once again which has now been fixed.
Remember after the move the DNS will change so you may need to clear cache and give time for DNS to propagate.

I'm not sure why anybody would've left RSS in the first place.
Curated-by-you news without the need of a login account where the articles are refreshed as soon as they go live? It's a perfect system the mainstream seem to forget about.

I guess it doesn't help that big social media pushes people away from it to get them to stick around on their closed-off platforms though...

Heads up #SocialCoop -
#Liberapay (the #FLOSS and #nonprofit recurrent donations platform) is in trouble, loosing its payment provider and in need of new ways to operate.

They are considering a #cooperative alternative, where everyone who receives money on the platform would be a member of the Liberapay legal entity, and that all the collected funds would legally belong to that entity instead of to each individual user.

I'm sure they'd appreciate any help or advice.

I always hear people complain that Linux systems (i.e. laptops) have issues resuming from suspend.

I'm not sure what they're talking about, as I've had more issues with my Windows work computers requiring a hard shutdown due to refusing to wake up.

So, Liberapay is in danger, according to https://github.com/liberapay/salon/issues/232. If things don't recover, they'll be closing up. Are there any other ethical platforms to use if they close up shop?

Whenever someone tells me that they lost the password to an account, I sigh internally. I keep all my passwords in a .kdbx file with a hard-to-crack passphrase and I take great care to back it up. Every time I create a new account anywhere, I create a new entry in the file and generate a password. Making secure passwords and storing them safely should be the first thing you learn to do before you access the Internet. To me, it's as basic as wearing seat belts in a car.

Ok so Facebook is getting fined by the UK privacy regulator (I didn't know there was one).

Facebook's quarterly net income is about $500 million, so that's about $2000 million per year.

The fine is £500,000 or $663279 at current exchange rate.

So they're being fined 0.03% of their yearly income. This will clearly be a major deterrent to Facebook committing privacy violations (sarcasm).

According to President Trump's new Supreme Court pick, Net Neutrality violates the First Amendment rights of ISPs. Nothing is mentioned about the First Amendment rights of anybody else.


Nació un día como este pero de 1856 en lo que hoy es Croacia, y sus inventos nos siguen haciendo la vida más sencilla.

Por siempre genio, Nikola Tesla 💡⚡️📻👨🏻

I know it's not impressive or anything, but I really felt good about myself when I ran pycodestyle on pypantry and got very few issues with adhering to PEP8. Glad to know I was doing something right! :python:

Classes finally clicked with me, so I'm going through a big code revamp of pypantry. Not sure if it's any more efficient this way, but it feels a bit better. At least easier to parse through than one large 800+ line file.

All these extra vim plugins help as well. Bonus to the productivity is feeling like what it is I'm doing is cooler that what it actually is :P

Chats that are better than Facebook messenger:

+ Riot
+ Literally everything else.

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