There are only two types of Linux Users

Those who have used Arch and love it so much they must tell everyone.

Those who have not used Arch and complain that you will always know a Arch user because they will tell you.

🤣 😜

@omnipotens Actually I have never really installed arch, but used manjaro and i am really happy with the package repository, nearly everything works, you don't have to copy stuff from random websites, no flatpaks, snaps etc


@NickFreeman @omnipotens So, this mythical AUR... everyone can make a package and put it in the AUR, right? There is no review process as far as I know. So isn’t it very easy to put shady or outright damaging stuff in there?

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@pinguin Essentially yes. Every package is a small file with meta information and instructions on how to build the package. Sometimes it contains the actual compile process, sometimes downloading the .deb from the official site and extract it.
As an example you can see

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