Hey all!I am researching on the topic of federation and more focused on Mastodon. I would really appreciate if you could answer to this question:
— What made you move to Mastodon?
Thank you so much for all the help you can give me, love, Pedro

@pedrosaclout I really like the community aspect of Mastodon (especially focused instances like or Being completely free software helps too.

Privacy. I do not consent to the sale of my data, but I want to interact with people.

@pedrosaclout It was totally linux rocks. I'm not way interested in social media, but, when I saw linux rocks, I new I had to join. It is nice to have a place to ask questions and talk about cool linux stuff. I've never been on any other social media. I hope this answers you question.

@pedrosaclout The people and the sense of community. And obviously the ethical side of it. :)

I dropped Twitter about 4 years ago. Same with Facebook.

Dropped Twitter because of an apparent pyramid system where some celebrity drops a line that hooks everyone baited by it. Celebrity does not even interact. A continuous stream.

Facebook, lack of control over transmissions. Then there is the information overload.

@pedrosaclout I first found Mastodon when I was on Twitter and saw someone complaining about the platform. I checked it out and it was waaaay too hard for me to understand. I found it again a few days later from a link on Tildes (Reddit alternative), checked it out, and was hooked.

Since then I've deleted Snapchat and moved off Instagram. I prefer the true conversations on Mastodon to the shallowness of other networks.

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