" is officially giving up on an independent shared platform for the internet. By adopting Chromium, Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to . ... If you care about what’s happening with online life today, take another look at . "


No we don't publish stats (nor keep them internally -- we don't track you!)

If you want to help implement some cool and ethical alternatives, check out:

- f-droid.org/wiki/page/App_rati
- gitlab.com/NicoAlt/fdroidpub

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" is building a browser to replace on 10"

wow, didn't think this would ever happen. MS has pestered us so long with their shitty browsers it feels good, like they finally found their match and retreat in defeat.

but shouldn't be fed as well, use to starve them out


we have been doing it all wrong. we need to find new ways of organizing community, new forms of social networks, new ideas. but we have been getting remarkably dull, uninspired and commonplace.

what if in your company there would be an internal web with employees/departments having their own websites. and I don't mean a CMS but individual pages, and a search engine that scrapes everything just like on the internet, rating links by the same criteria so it becomes a fun place to be and explore?

we often hear web service companies proclaim that people don't want to pay for their web services and that's why they have to use ads to finance the business. this is bullshit. people expect e.g. search engines to be "free" because the search engines themselves started out providing the service for "free" (ad driven).
it's their own fault but they try to blame it on the people.

man, I'm glad I'm not on
"we show you better ads by using data from advertisers, app developers and publishers"
fuck you and your ads!

from the study: "Deceived by design" forbrukerradet.no/undersokelse

@write_as now you've got me thinking, to make people stop using these damn one just needs to render them useless and that is by targeting every site that uses them with automated captcha cracking and spam account creation etc. - for the sole purpose of making the sites stop using @61

@write_as would consider removing the in the sign up process? maybe you haven't noticed but it's a torture to undergo. I wanted to sign up but when I saw this I was not motivated to continue and now I'm considering just to host my own blog instead.

In #capitalism, stability is stagnation, leading to a crisis. -- Citard Musil

that's how they crazy they get:
"4 views left
Only a few views leftβ€”sign up or log in now"
wtf ? I despise you

tipp zu #RSS ".rss" hinter die mastodon-adresse setzen, um accounts im feedreader zu folgen!

I suggest implementing a "blind" mode in Mastodon's web UI, where usernames and avatar would not be displayed at all, unless you ask for them (via a button or something).

I wonder if I'm able to recognize you from your words only!

if you write IMHO, your opinion is most likely not humble at all

the holy grail we need to discover is a system that inherently punishes unethical behavior. has all the wrong incentives. we need a system that encourages genuineness and discourages secondary means (like making money).

Everyone's favourite screensaver collection is now available from #fdroid!

XScreenSaver (Standard screen saver collection shipped on most Linux and Unix systems) - f-droid.org/app/org.jwz.xscree

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