Understanding # 14

systemd has an order of precedence.

1 /run/systemd/system
2 /etc/systemd/system
3 /usr/lib/systemd/system

Which means if there's a foo.service in /run, /etc and /usr then systemd takes the /run one as the default, then /etc, then /usr.

/run is more for runtime only and will not persist through reboot.

/etc is usually where regular units go.

/usr is where units shipped by a dev will go.

@ozoned was thinking of doing something like this for various cli activities. Having so much interrupt between ideas plus length limits was not enticing. Diaspora* or hubzilla seemed more appealing then.

Nice that you determined to do this though.

Yeah there's most certainly better platforms for this, but that's just another platform I have to sign up for. Personally I like Mastodon and I really don't want anything else. Plus I really think the 500 character limit forces conciseness. Even when doing multiple part toots, they're all kind of see contained.

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