$1999 for a phone "Made in the USA", even though multiple parts are sourced from outside the US... even if it was 100% made in the USA, $2k for a phone... I guess best of luck to you Purism, but that just seems absolutely insane to me.

And I found the regular edition a bit difficult to swallow personally, but I'd at least attempt to pay that for a linux phone. $2k for a "Made in the USA", which it isn't, phone makes no sense. This is just my personal feelings, so maybe to someone it there it's worth it. Like I said, good luck to purism. Hopefully they have a market for this.

At 2k this sounds like a financial donation to Purism and you get a free phone as a perk. :-)

@boilingsteam @ozoned I'd hardly call made in the US a perk anyway, if you live anywhere but the US.

@izaya @ozoned
I don't know but with what China does nowadays (at least its leadership) just about anything else sounds preferable.

@boilingsteam @ozoned Oh, China is certainly less than ideal, but as a citizen of anywhere but the US, the US is almost as hostile.

As a citizen of the US I also agree. My government has already shown it doesn't care about anyone's privacy, so I don't know how this makes the phone a better choice for safety.

@ozoned @izaya
For privacy purposes there is virtually nothing you can trust nowadays (from software vulnerabilities to unknown hardware functions, and tracking pretty much everywhere online), and using a mobile phone... releases so much about you every day. It's not about trusting governments anymore, the data trail we leave behind is huge now and we have no control over it.

@boilingsteam @ozoned It's not privacy, it's literal hostile to my nation's sovereignty concerns.

While I am a US citizen I can understand your point. At this point I don't know how any country can trust the US to do anything good and right and worse so for countries where we already had strained relationships.

Fortunately the internet and technology can cut through that and we can find humanity and good amongst each other.

I don't disagree with that. Even if your phone respects your privacy the cell radio in your phone won't or the wifi radio won't.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't try though.

@ozoned @boilingsteam I say EMBRACE IT! i got 4 Amazon Echos and 3 Google Homes!

If they are going to have my privacy then ill at least get the benefits. while voting for government who will control this at every opportunity!

GROSS! You're gross. But what else should we expect from a Microsoft plant! How's that Windows ME treating you?

For those that don't know, I'm joking. 😀


Apparently America is just three times better so it costs three times now? That's sarcasm by the way.

It's just absolutely crazy in my opinion.

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