For those that don't know I work at Red Hat. I do support and my primary focus is on systemd.

As there's a massive misunderstanding across the board with , from what it actually is to how do I properly create unit files, I was thinking of trying to do kind of a recommendations and explanations one toot at a time.

So if anyone has questions or would like explanations please let me know.

@ozoned I assume you've seen that Benno Rice talk about systemd? He describes it as a "system layer" which I think is apt. Good talk.

@uoou There are absolutely a lot of great talks out there. That's a CLASSIC video though that anyone interested in this kind of thing should watch.

And I'd definitely call it a 'system layer' as well. There's basically a shim between Kernel and Userspace now and that's essentially systemdspace/system layer/management layer/EndOfLinux layer.

Save for those systemd-less distros, which do exist.

@uoou @ozoned I was about to recommend the same video. Great title by the way, 'The tragedy of systemd'

@ozoned Honesty tips and tricks basically things people don't know about systemd would be awesome. In the past I forgot the exact issue I was having but I remember finding a solution using systemd. I was shocked as it really didn't have anything to do with booting the system. Wish I could remember what it was.

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