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systemd has incredible docs, some of the best I've ever seen, since systemd is so huge though it's difficult to find anything in systemd.

'man systemd.index' - index of man pages related to systemd.

'man systemd.directives' - list of all directives (variables) for use when creating or understanding units files (files end with .service or .mount etc)

'man systemd.special' - list of units that systemd provides and are considered important.

@ozoned Thanks! I've always wanted to dig deeper into systemd but `man systemd<Tab>` is pretty intimidating!

@kkremitzki lol it's VERY intimidating. 😄 It's HUGE. But it's like anything, one piece at a time. 🙂

@ozoned systemd is BLOATWARE, a danger for gnu/linux community, check openrc!

#systemd #openrc #initfreedom

You're entitled to your opinion, but as I stated in my disclaimer I'm not getting into this kind of conversation.

Thank you for sharing though.

@ozoned you are welcome! i don't care about disclaimers anyway! have a nice day!

@bashman If you actually want to make a difference and not come off like an ignorant ass you might actually want to try to give real information or at least attempt to make a change and create your own distro or contribute to a distro that doesn't have systemd.

By the way systemd isn't forced on anyone. You CAN choose to use whatever you want.


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