OpenMandriva on Ampere Altra

There has been great news for OpenMandriva a couple of days ago: We got a nice large box in the mail.

Even though the weight of the box was pretty impressive when I had to carry it to the second floor, the content turned out to be far more impressive - a Mt. Collins server with Ampere Altra CPUs - 160 CPU cores and 128 GB RAM, given to us by Ampere Computing to support our aarch64 development efforts. (...)

Want to contribute to making ROME better? Backgrounds contest

OpenMandriva ROME will need more beautiful pictures. Extra backgrounds is a collection of non-default wallpapers contributed by the users.

The theme for this competition is free. However, as usual, here are the rules: All submissions should be original works, and carry a license equivalent to CC BY SA; Wallpapers could be photography, digital art, or art, falling in categories (...)

OpenMandriva Lx ROME (Rolling) Technical Preview

Here is the Technical Preview of the upcoming OpenMandriva Lx ROME (Rolling), and after a few time also the 5.0 ’Rock’ snapshot

Installing Rolling is pretty much the same as installing Rock.

There is an auto updater tool in ABF (OpenMandriva Automated Build Farm) which has been kept turned off for longer that we anticipated so Rolling has not been getting many upgrades recently and has not (...)

Kdenlive 21.12, KDE's advanced video editor, comes with tons of new features, including multiple bins, new audio filters, same-track transitions, trimming tools, AI motion tracking, and so much more.

It's a fact: #Kdenlive 21.12 will blow your socks off!

#Kdenlive 21.12 is out with many exciting features! Splash screen made with #blender3d and #gimp.

Go get it at:

Thanks to David McSween
for the light streaks tip.

OpenMandriva switching to Github Issues

OpenMandriva switching issue tracker from Bugzilla to Github Issues.

To make things easier and simpler for users to file issue reports we are switching to Github Issues. To use GH issues go here. On that page you will see all the current open issues, a link to closed issues, and a button to file a New Issue. Under the New Issue button users will have the choice of 4 categories with simple (...)

@ademalsasa a little late as the notification did not work at the moment: Thank you! ☺

OpenMandriva on IRC.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.

OpenMandriva is no longer using Freenode IRC. There are Matrix.

Connecting via Libera Chat is described at Libera.Chat.

Regarding why this change is made, users are encouraged to do an internet search of “Why are Open Source organizations leaving Freenode?” and read for themselves.

The OpenMandriva, or on , channel is a great place to ask questions, (...)

OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 RC available for testing

We have good news: Cooker, our development branch, is working very well right now. Our internal testers have been reporting that the system looks very responsive and already brings many user visible advantages over OMLx 4.2.

Hence we decided to publish a unscheduled stable release to permit the Rock users to enjoy of a good amount of updates they would otherwise not get (unless they upgrade to (...)

Plans for OM Lx 4.3 release

It’s not what we were originally planning, but we are planning a OM Lx 4.3 release very soon — an extra release made possible by the load of progress made in the Cooker development branch before getting to some of the major core changes planned for 5.0 — changes we don’t want to withhold from people not ready to install a 5.0 development snapshot.

The current prerelease has: systemd-248.20210409 - Which brings (...)

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @cryptpad - FOSS online office suite with maximum privacy

🌟 @fossasia - Promoting free open software across Asia

🌟 @libreoffice - The most widely-used FOSS office suite

🌟 @unibrawn - Artist combining surreal figures with a bright 90s aesthetic

🌟 @openmandriva - Community-run Linux distro based on Mandriva/Mandrake

🌟 @CollaboraOffice & @collabora - Develops LibreOffice and provides a special business-oriented version too

OpenMandriva build infrastructure switches to ARM servers

As you may have noticed, the ABF build system has moved to a new server and is now fully operational.

What you probably have not noticed is that it is now running on an ARM (aarch64) server.

When looking for a new host, we decided to go with the aarch64 option - aarch64 support in OpenMandriva 4.2 is stable, the workloads on abf are perfect for a heavily multithreaded system, (...)

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