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Look I keep getting emails and messages if they can post AD's on LR.

Here is my rule. If it's Linux related then yes anything else no. If you sell hardware that is 100% Linux compatible or promotes open source then it is allowed.

Podcast do not fall into this category as I know we have plenty of other content on here that people follow.

So my S8 active died today. The touch screen no longer works. Have to say I am going to miss that phone. I beat the hell out of it for years and it just kept working.

Everytime I go to NASA I am amazed what they accomplished with the technologies they had in the 60s. To give you an idea the Apollo 11 had a whopping 0.043 MHz processor..

We're announcing new emojis for LinuxRocks.Online!
:peertube: :diaspora: :friendica: :lemmy: :writefreely2: :plume: :matrix: :gitea: :searx: :draugeros: :parabola:

Do you have any emoji request? Please respond with requests.:

When sleep is elusive it's time for a night cap. Jefferson's Ocean bourbon is always a good choice.

You ever been so tired you grab your phone and stared at it forgetting why you grabbed it? Well I guess i will send a worthless toot 😁

Well LR is backup again..

FSCK... The mount went RO and needed a scan

Little more update on LinuxRocks.

Do to the bad ram we dropped it from 384 to 290 with failover dimms available.

Looks as the only effected drive was the OS raid. The OS was reinstalled on the host and the VMs came backup.

I took the opportunity to run some firmware updates and the host and change some bios settings.

Also the host was complaining about cache battery but after firmware update it came back online.

LR is Back UP!

Wow, that was a rough outage. Think I have heard of something called sleep. I sure miss it 😜

The Host was reinstalled and some bad ram was removed.

XFS zero byte many OS files. Luckily it was only on the OS RAID.

Anyway, it is back up. I will update you more on what happened later if anyone is interested.

LinuxRocks Outage.

As stated in my last toot we are going to have an outage to recover the host.

If anyone would like to stay in the loop you can join us on telegram for updates, question, or just like to chat or help.

LinuxRocks Outage.

The host the lr's vm is running on took a dump. Currently the VMs are up and running but all access including console is in accessible on the host.

Best guess.
The host OS and the VMs run on two separate arrays. The best guess at this time is the OS array crapped out.
I do not want to reboot anything until we grab the latest backup for all the VMs currently running.

Time frame
Unfortunately I have no idea till reboot which maybe later tonight.

Don't fear lr will be back

rebooting LR host.. I think... there seems to be an issue.

Any suggestions on a good laptop. Requirements would be gaming, linux support, good battery life under linux. Lighted keyboard, good screen, and needs to be able to take abuse as I am pretty hard on laptops.

Let's face it, to the wider world open source has a bit of a PR problem. I know from personal experience. I've known about Linux for about 20 years and yet it's only in the last three months that I've started to seriously use it. What's taken me so long? There is so much understandable outrage at the moment about the likes of Facebook. Why aren't more people exploring the alternatives?

Check out this informative episode of Sudo Show #27!

Eric and Brandon Eric put on their System Administrator hats and dive into the world of open source virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)!

+ Sudoverse is expanding!

Anyone can recommend any tool to find the bottleneck in performance for both linux and windows?

Watch this awesome episode of's
This Week in Linux 148 ! 21.04, Linux On, Linux Kernel Bans University of Minnesota,

And so much more GNews! πŸ˜€πŸ§πŸ§

Been playing with openhab3 and not sure what to think of it. I still think 2.5 was easier or at lease less confusing. I wonder if I am over thinking it.

Still not on par with home assistant with functionality.

Looks like its the registrar that keeps going up and down.

Oh DNS why do you have to be such a pain..
I updated the serial on the LR record and killall -HUP named to force the record to refresh.

There were some reports of DNS records being lost. for LR. Not sure what happened.

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