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Any really good open source alternatives to Viso?

I mainly use it for network diagrams. I would prefer cross platform for those rare occasions I have to use windows do to some meeting software or etc.

@omnipotens Just fyi it's only for the few that have email accounts but everyone should be vigilant.

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Fallout Netflix Series?

I 3d printed a TNG style warp core. Using a esp8266 and a neopixel strip. So the warp core has wifi 😁

Just was talking about something I thought I would share.

About 10 years ago I did work for a company who lost their Linux Admin.I was a 6 month contract until they got a permanent employee. They had only 1 Linux admin for 400ish Linux users and 30 servers. They had 3 Windows admin for 200ish windows users and 10 servers. The Windows Techs stayed busy while I hunted for things to do. Ended up hardening and writing automation and inventory systems.

Linux just works.

There are only two types of Linux Users

Those who have used Arch and love it so much they must tell everyone.

Those who have not used Arch and complain that you will always know a Arch user because they will tell you.

🤣 😜

Need help coding an audrino with leds.
I am trying to basically make chaser lights. However I want to control the number of off leds between them.
I can seem to only get one set of leds to chase or get multiple segments to light but not chase. Oh and the lights start in the middle of the strip and run out to the ends.
Can anyone help?

Episode 174 of Destination has dropped!

The show now has a new fresh coat of paint with a new Logo, new animated logo reveal, new Overlays, new scenes (with live switching), new animated nameplates and more!

ZRAM Boosts Raspberry Pi Performance

Linux is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, there’s so much you can configure. On the other hand, there’s so much you can configure. It is sometimes hard to know just what you should do to get the best performance, …

Original tweet :

Looks like LR had a little dns issue causing the global timeline not to update. Now here is the strange part.

On lr server i used and to minimize downtime. Guess it didn't work because from 3 completely different networks I can no longer ping And it would take like 10 seconds for resolution to failover to which I guess was enough time for mastodon to fail to resolve.
I moved the dns back to the my dns server and everything is working.

Political Rant sorry folks,
Cloraquine has been around forever with a well known palette. There is nothing about the drug that is going to kill you.

When cells are treated with chloroquine the pH of the endosome is elevated, which prevents fusion and blocks viral infection.

Don't be fooled by the media propaganda in the US over use of this drug. The thing is because the drug is so old there is no money in it.

If your already severe it will not help much and should be started at the onset.

Anyone on LR want to be a mod?

Need help approving new user accounts to keep the spam down

Looks like someone got into my hitbtc account from
2020-05-08 20:29 Sign-indesktop Firefox 76.0WinNT Bulgaria

Jokes on them I moved everything out on that account long ago. You get nothing.

For anyone on LR who would like an alias setup for a email let me know. I registered it specifically for going to Linux Fest and events so I can still have a valid email and troll the people who kept asking me for my address. It caused some good laughs for sure and funny looks. If you are on LR and want an alias DM me the user@ and the forward to email and for being a LR user I will set it up for free.

So looks like I am under attack. All my accounts are showing up with suspicious activities. Everything from paypal to twitch even my digital ocean account and Amazon. WTH. They haven't got into anything that I know of as I change passwords often but what the hell.

@G_Dog1985 @architect @kensp you all might want to proof read or change some of the TOS/CoC I have had a few to drink and not to sure how it came out lol

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