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LR Update..

Looks like we had a stuck queue when trying to upload images. I had to clear out the queue and it seems like the image upload is working again.

If you have an issue with images uploading let me know right away.

What is your thoughts of Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard?

Am I foolishly optimistic? Microsoft at lease has a history of listening to communities unlike Activision.

Ok, I have been running Aruba WIFI with PoE switch and have been loving it. I am not big on cloud-connected devices but since you can disable it I went ahead with it. My wifi throughput has tripled compared to the Netgear Nighthawk AX12. It has been rock solid. I currently have 80 devices connected and since the switch has POE I am able to power my camera from it as well.
I am so glad I found a solution to my wifi headaches.

I broke LR's host. My bad.. I added another disk to one of the VMs that was running out of space. However I left it in /var which is also the root mount and filled the root drive up.. oops my bad. I moved it to /home where it should be and it is now working.

exercise when you get old.

I sat my phone down and could not remember were I put it. I spent 10 minutes walking around aimlessly looking for it. When I found it a thought popped into my head let me grab my laptop. Well as you expect I just walked around for 10 more minutes.Then crap where in the hell did I sit my phone. At some point in the search for the elusive laptop I must of sat my phone down again. I just walked around for another 10 minutes with laptop in hand looking for my phone.

I got into an argument with a flat earther that proceeded to tell me Australia is actually on another planet.
I am sure hoping he was trying to troll me and people are not really that stupid!

Wifi adventures continued.

The Aruba was super easy to setup. Now I have a wifi network on a separate vlan trunked back to pfsense just for IoT. Now I can firewall the traffic. I also have a vlan and wifi just for cameras and then one for normal internet.

The switch also categories all traffic like social media, mail, explicit, etc and let you see how much bandwidth is used per client to what kind of site.

In all for a little bit more than a high-end gaming router I got a commercial grade.

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My wifi adventures.

My old wifi router was struggling to keep up with all my devices so so purchased a new Netgear Nighthawk. Well it keeped reboot at random so I returned it and got a new one. The new one keep rebooting so I opened a ticketed at netgear. They refused to support it excluding a warranty exchange unless I purchased premium support. So I am returning it completely.

I purchased a aruba mesh system POE switch and all. So far I am loving it. The speed and features are awesome. budget routers will be a no. I currently have around 70 devices connected and 200 devices on network. Plus wifi cameras so budget routers won't hold up

I will never purchase another Netgear product.

Their firmware is shit. They refuse to support it unless you pay for premium support even for warranty replacements.

I replaced the hardware via the store and the new unit still reboots at random.

Do not buy netgear...

So I upgraded my dns/web from Ubuntu 16 to 20.

Upgrade went fine minus completely destroyed docker. I basically had to blow everything away and completely remove docker to fix the upgrade. I think it broke between 16 and 18.

Anyone else ran I to issue with Ubuntu upgrades? Trying out before I start hitting prod machines.

For those who love Ghostbusters, I recommend watching Afterlife. I really enjoyed the movie and really like to watch it again. Granted there are a few things I would change like the music and making it more like the classic soundtrack it is still good.

Way better than the last Ghostbusters where all bad is measured from and fails on every level. The new afterlife really only fails on music and is a little rushed in some areas. Those are easy to overlook due to the good storyline.

With everything going subscription-based pretty soon you will buy a laptop and pay monthly for the privilege to use it.

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