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What would you do when a project based on open source violates the GPL and refuses to release the source?

For example Nvidia's cumulus project. Debian-based OS for switches.

I wondered if someone could help me by boosting my toot. I'm trying to find software that will work on Windows 10 for drawing using the pen that comes with my Dell laptop. I honestly don't know anything about the subject, so when I try to search on the internet, I'm not getting what I am looking for.

LR Jitsi Server

For anyone who wants to use LinuxRocks Jitsi server

Using a XMPP Client register yourself an account on

Once with a valid account go to

Enter the name of meeting and click on start meeting.

When it says waiting on the host click on I am the host then login.

I have been using Linux for around 25 years. Now, why in the hell did I not know about "cd -" lol. It's always the simple crap you tend to miss lol.

Anyone interested in being a moderator to help approve new accounts?

With so few of us doing it there has been times were they sit for a day or more. It's a easy job. You get a email and determine is the account is spam or not then approve or deny.

Suggestions on the best way of an automated installer?

I like to pxe boot with a menu to select OS to install. Trying to determine the best way to install baremetal servers. Suggestions on what or how I should do this?

I am about done running Ubuntu. The distro upgrades always seem to break.

One of our youngest contributors,@PizzaLovingNerd
's brother, has been diagnosed with leukemia. No one deserves this, let alone a 13 year old boy. Elliott's parents are collecting funds for treatment, please consider donating. RT for visibility. Thank you!

Looking for suggestions for emoji's to add to LR that we don't have but other instances have.

Need a bit of help.
Thoughts on why after upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 I would loose my vg-root volume group but my vg-data shows up in the initramfs?

I have to revert back to the old 4.0 kernel to boot?

For all the folks who 3D Print any thoughts on a new project to build?

Currently printing parts to build another printer but trying to plan something when this is done.

So for I am thinking a 12 head tool changer.

I just want to remind people on LR for any outage information or any service updates you can check our patreon page.

All updates will be set to public.

We need another dotcom boom.
I miss the game rooms, arcades,foosball,pinball not to mention the fully stocked bars at the office.

Whatever happened to all that.

So was wondering? Who has worked at a company that provided free Alcohol? One company was data backup provider and vpn provider. We kept a fully stocked bar and it was nice when you got off the phone with that one customer and was able to go sit and have a drink and a smoke to calm down.
The other was a ISP we always had beer in the fridge.

My lock picking kit.

All it took was two bobby pins to open a dead bolt with a lost key.

Took 2 minutes with no experience. Makes you wonder about security.

i actually agree with this and i'm glad amd is getting their long overdue moment with gpus lately

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