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For all the folks who 3D Print any thoughts on a new project to build?

Currently printing parts to build another printer but trying to plan something when this is done.

So for I am thinking a 12 head tool changer.

I just want to remind people on LR for any outage information or any service updates you can check our patreon page.

All updates will be set to public.

We need another dotcom boom.
I miss the game rooms, arcades,foosball,pinball not to mention the fully stocked bars at the office.

Whatever happened to all that.

So was wondering? Who has worked at a company that provided free Alcohol? One company was data backup provider and vpn provider. We kept a fully stocked bar and it was nice when you got off the phone with that one customer and was able to go sit and have a drink and a smoke to calm down.
The other was a ISP we always had beer in the fridge.

My lock picking kit.

All it took was two bobby pins to open a dead bolt with a lost key.

Took 2 minutes with no experience. Makes you wonder about security.

i actually agree with this and i'm glad amd is getting their long overdue moment with gpus lately

LR is back online!

The power was restored to the area.

No guaranty for how long until this storm is over..

If you haven't noticed LR has been up and down do to power outages from because the freeze here. So if it goes down again don't fear it will be back.

I think I found my new go to distro for desktop's and laptop's.

I just finished a Manjaro install. Super easy installer and for the first time everything worked out of the box on my laptop. Arch based so access to the AUR. I am super happy so far and will highly recommend.

I am just wondering why it has taken me this long to install it.

For all those interested in a LR podcast.

Is anyone interested i helping let me know and what you would interested in doing. Any part that you are interested in from being apart of the recording, editing, topic ideas really anyway you want to contribute.

I have also spun up a jitsi server if you would like a account on it let me know. I think it would be a good way to do the podcast.

Playing with my k40 laser and decided to try to etch a picture of my wife on wood. I really impressed how it came out on my first attempt etching.

Any suggestions.

I have 4x 48VDC servers I need to power in our rack. What are the hardware recommendations for the easiest way to do this.

The servers are in a standard datacenter 208vac.

I still keep toying around with starting a linuxrocks rag chew (general chat) podcast. There are already tons of podcast that gives you news and reviews but I was thinking more of a random round table of whomever joins the live to tell stories, experiences, and random thoughts on Linux and Tech.

If we did who would join the conversation, who would listen. What audio platform to join in on like discord, mumble, etc.

Note to self never again stick your hand in front of a 40 watt CO2 laser. Owch! LOL

I was aligning the mirrors and was not paying attention to were my hands were.

Anyone else have a co2 Laser cutter and has any tips?
I just gor a old k40 that the board was bad in. I replaced it with a cohesion3d board. I setup a atomicPi with lightburn and made my first cut and etch. This is a whole new realm for me as I am really good at 3D printing bur lasers are new. Suggestions?

Make sure to watch latest video!

Is GNOME 40 Inspired By WebOS? Might Be Palm Readers!

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