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Anyone on LR want to be a mod?

Need help approving new user accounts to keep the spam down

Looks like someone got into my hitbtc account from
2020-05-08 20:29 Sign-indesktop Firefox 76.0WinNT Bulgaria

Jokes on them I moved everything out on that account long ago. You get nothing.

For anyone on LR who would like an alias setup for a email let me know. I registered it specifically for going to Linux Fest and events so I can still have a valid email and troll the people who kept asking me for my address. It caused some good laughs for sure and funny looks. If you are on LR and want an alias DM me the user@ and the forward to email and for being a LR user I will set it up for free.

So looks like I am under attack. All my accounts are showing up with suspicious activities. Everything from paypal to twitch even my digital ocean account and Amazon. WTH. They haven't got into anything that I know of as I change passwords often but what the hell.

@G_Dog1985 @architect @kensp you all might want to proof read or change some of the TOS/CoC I have had a few to drink and not to sure how it came out lol

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What do you get when a mastodon admin gets 12 hours of sleep all week and after a couple of crown and cokes?

A updated TOS/CoC lol

Seriously folks on LR like I always say this is your instance so if you want to change anything let me know.


Let me tell you what Standard Redhat Support Contract get you.

Day one.
Tech: Please send SOSReports.
ME: um ok I have already uploaded them but let me upload a fresh set.
Tech: Please restart service
ME: did that already but I will do it again. Same results.

Day two
Repeat day one

Day three
Tech remoted in could not locate root cause. Said he was going to ask another Tech. No response.

Day Four
Repeat day one

Day Five
Repeat day one

I HATE you netplan!!!!
Worst thing ever Ubuntu!

I cut and pasted a config from one machine to another and because the cut amd paste messed up the spacing it failed.

Oh and to better help understand my friend believe the propaganda that the US made the virus and unleashed it in China. Hints why I said what I did lol

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I have been using facebook more the past few weeks. This is do to me 3D Printing ear savers and passing them out and since I need to communicate with people who need then I was kind of pushed into using it more. Well since I was already on there I could not resist trolling some friends. So messing with one I posted Covid virus was made by china to try to take over the world. FB removed my post! YOU BASTARDS LOL. After checking fb has removed most of my post. Bye bye freedoms I cant even troll

Anyone have a good site to explain how to work this problem? Friend just ask for help and she is not understanding what I am trying to tell her. Hoping I can point her to a tutorial.



ok it don't happen often that I am wrong so I will admit to it. It was DNS that was effecting LR.

It was bond to happen at some point where I was wrong but I am going to blame it on the lack of sleep and being over worked. 🤣 😜 🤣 :thaenkin: 😆

@cameron @cameron

When did you notice it was down? Trying to figure out when this all started.

LR Outage Update

Looks like we had a bad entry in our DNS server that caused a outage for some people. I am not sure when this entry was added or how long it has been this way. I am looking into it.

Everyone should be up once DNS propagates.

Special thanks too. @Batcastle and others who brought it to my attention and was willing to work with me to locate the issue.

Do not DM me request me to ban someone for talking politics. I will not ban anyone for starting their point of view regardless if it is far right or far left view. No talking politics is not hate speech.
Maybe if people would stop yelling into echo chambers and have a rational debate everyone might learn something.

Any DM to me about banning someone will be ignored. If you believe there is a rational reason to report someone please use the system in place to report a user.

I Hate Windows!!

My friend gave me his old 3D printer. First this crappy machine forces you to use their proprietary slicer. (Windows Only) so I rebooted into windows for the first time in months. Well after 4 days of windows updates I installed this crap software. This damn software installed Candy Crush, Opera, and a dozen other crap including agproxy data collection malware. Now I cannot get this crap off it keeps coming back. I hate Windows and the crappy proprietary software vendors

Stole from pixel but thought it was pretty good. Good to love linux errors

I started off 3D Printing ear savers for the local medical professionals fighting Covid 19. Word got out now I am getting people contact me from as far as California to New York and just got a request for 10 to Hawaii. I have 4 printers running around the clock making 100 a day and can't keep up. Yes, I been doing it for free for medical professionals. I have took one donation from a doctor who wanted to help with all the shipping cost.

I’m really proud of this release of the Applications menu! There’s been a lot of work cleaning things up under the hood, improving keyboard navigation, and performance improvements. Also the category view is finally a list instead of a grid!

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