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Sometimes I miss the days of the old internet. I grew up in the wild west of the internet and BBS's. The boards didn't have all these rules and codes of conduct's. If you didn't like something you kept scrolling. You had to have thick skin or you shouldn't be there. We sometimes dished out shit and sometimes took it. Then we logged off and continued with our lives. How things have changed.

Next time you grab your Amazon package just think about all the piss on the peoples hands handling them.

Amazon piss bottle.

In community member un1corn posted "the most complex project I have done to date", a W. Allchin steam traction engine, at

Jubilee: A Toolchanging Homage to 3D Printer Hackers Everywhere

I admit that I’m late to the 3D printing game. While I just picked up my first printer in 2018, the rest of us have been oozing out beautiful prints for over a decade. And in that time we’v…

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Another progress update on my projects and the like.
Looks like I'll need more time, and caffeine, after work to focus on what the driving issue is behind the librebooted T400 not seeing the advanced dock...

I have to say how much I love the klipper firmware!

I much rather vi a config file to make a change to my 3d printer and not have to go through the hassle of compile and flash the firmware for each change.

HF Propagation and Earthquakes

For all the successes of modern weather forecasting, where hurricanes, blizzards, and even notoriously unpredictable tornadoes are routinely detected before they strike, reliably predicting one aspect of nature’s fury has …

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Improving Exposure On A Masked SLA Printer

It’s taken longer than some might have thought, but we’re finally at the point where you can pick up an SLA 3D printer for a few hundred bucks. These machines, which use light to cure a resin, are capable of fa…

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Core XY Explained

If you are building a CNC machine, a 3D printer, or even a plotter, you have a need for motion in both the X and Y directions. There are many ways to accomplish this, for example, some printers move the tool in the X direction and the …

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This Arduino Keeps Its Eyes On You

[Will] wanted to build some animatronic eyes that didn’t require high-precision 3D printing. He wound up with a forgiving design that uses an Arduino and six servo motors. You can see the video of the eyes moving aroun…

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I'm having an issue where wireguard will only establish a connection if the Endpoint is defined on both the server and the client. If I only have the Endpoint defined on the client then trying to ping the wireguard server ip just times out.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

There has been lots of talk about CoC and political and other beliefs.
As I stated before in the past all are welcome here on LR. I don't care if you identify as a one eye purple people eater you are welcome here on LR. We will not ban anyone for their beliefs.

Here we don't care about your orientation, political or any other beliefs.
We welcome conversation and debates. We all know how to act like an adult and if you don't this instance is not for you.

Rise above it and talk Linux

Chrome, it has come time to breakup. You have just become to fat an bloated. You have dumped on my for the last time and I am sick and tired of dealing with your memory issues. I have moved on to something much slimmer that treats me much better without all the issues that you come with.
This is my official breakup notice we are through for good.

Looking for someone to take ownership of to keep the software updated.

Any takers?

We maybe hiring someone in Fort Collins CO, Looking for someone with a heavy Linux and networking background, Openstack and VMWare is experience is a plus. Must have good troubleshooting and communication skills for interacting with partners and customers. Must have the ability to support the entire stack from determining end-users needs, racking and cabling, Software installation and troubleshooting. If you’re interested pm me.

For those who like Antergros so far it appears to be a valid replacement.

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