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If anyone wants to donate to the UPS fund here is a paypal link

LR Status update.

Power failure at the data center. When the host booted it hung. Not to much to report past that. A second reboot fixed the issue. Do to me working till 4am I just got around to checking my email and seeing the outage.

Shorter post.

Come join me on telegram for outage reports, status, and just conversations .

Ok folks

I created a LinuxRocks telegram group. Since I use telegram as my primary messenger it is the easiest place to get a hold of me or to ask for updates or anything like that.

When there is a outage feel free to message me to let me know or to ask for status.

Or just come hang out and chat for those telegram users like me.

Anyone know of a telegram bot to monitor a site like LR? We could of got up a bit quicker if I would of checked my email first 😜

Looks like we were hit by a unfortunate power failure today.

So far we raised $142.48 for a new UPS. At the moment I am hoping to raise $300 to ease the cost for a rack mount UPS.

When the firewall sees something it considered a attack it blocks the IP if the attack continues from multiple addresses and blocking does not stop it then it drops the server into a blackhole and only a manual intervention or 24 hours will bring it back up.
Its very common for LR to be attacked that's why we have very aggressive firewalls.

Looks like the firewall dropped us into the blackhole again.....

Unrelated to LR news: I've apparently accidentally created a minimal, custom CRM built mostly on PostgreSQL. Kinda fun to do this sort of thing, would be nice to do more of it. Maybe not CRMs specificially, but internal systems.

Anyone know what the appropriate job title for that sort of span is? Can't really think of much better than "systems hacker". Pretty much every part of the project but the UI.


@Ehardy18 Yeah it was down due to some filesystem corruption.

You can use in the future to see if it's down or on your end.

@fedilab hey Fedilab is crashing on my phone. Running version 2.5.2 from F-Droid. Is there an update on the way to fix this?

Germany has banned its from using cloud-based productivity suites from Microsoft, Google, and Apple, because the companies weren't meeting the country's requirements.

We regularly support OpenLabs and LinuxUserGroups with material and financial benefits. The Kids OpenLab in Dornbirn in Austria was added last year.
Founder Melinda Molnar tells more about it in an interview:

Alright, about halfway through exporting the remaining salvageable data. I'm going offline to get some rest, odds are I'll need to take the instance down over the weekend to perform some destructive exports and perform the next round of imports.
I'll try to make sure to give y'all a fair amount of warning ahead of time though, and we can't possibly get in a worse condition than we're in now.

Thank you all for your patience during this time, update y'all soon

And for those who don't know totally works!

I'm going to be tweaking our backup process to target the working database and push the results to our cloud storage solution, which will significantly reduce the severity of future failures like we saw a couple days ago.

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Hello again everyone, glad to see things are working again, at least for the most part.
Just a heads-up, I'll probably be taking the instance down again in the near future so we can dedicate server resources to pulling as much information as possible out of the failed database. This should fix some of the oddities with older notifications and account stats.

I put VMDK but meant cows 🤣 being sick sucks brain thingy dont wanna work lol

So everyone we need to figure out how to replay @architect for working around the clock rebuilding the DB by hand. Thoughts?

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