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LR Status Report is still working on repairing the DB. We had a file system corruption issue. The database backups have failed for the last two weeks so we only have a backup from 2 weeks ago. Newnix is trying to rebuild the database with the current data plus with the backup data from 2 weeks ago. LR found itself in one of those situations no one ever wants to have.

LR Status report.

Sorry for all the outage but we are still in recovery on the database after the filesystem corruption. Not to sure if it is going to be down again or not depending on when @architect checks the status of the database.

LR outage report.

LR was down do to the ext4 issue. The filesystem went a little nuts and got thrown into a read only mode. My guess at the moment is that something happen during all the shuffling of the VM but we are still investigating. Looks like there might still be a issue or two as we recover as the database lost its indexes.

I want to thank people here on LR instance.
Earlier today I was a bit frustrated on the amount of complaints we get from other instances because we refuse to take a political stands and refuse to ban users who may post or reply with a political comment that is different from their views.
We have never censored anyone from their political view. We are a linux instance and value open and free and value differences.
Your responses have shown me we are doing things right.

LR Users are awesome

I keep getting pushed into this political nightmare. Should we ban all political discussion on LR?

I have always took a stance that we are a Linux instance we should talk about Linux and tech but never stopped anyone from any topic. So do we start banning topics all out and say no politics on this instance?

Men's brains vs Women's brains

This is really good for those who have never seen it.

The hardest thing in a parent's life is letting the kid leave the nest. Just dropped my son off to head out to boot camp for the NAVY. It was tuff to see him go but proud of him and his choices.

playing tux racer on my phone. it sure is a different experience. It's in the play store

@cameron @G_Dog1985 Well there is very little coding if any. It's mostly running some update commands to maintain. The setup we can walk you through it all. I would say we do it but rather do it together so you understand it. End the end its setting up dns and installing the application and securing the box. Everything I know you can do with a bit of help.
Past that its mostly doing moderator stuff.

@cameron I just watched your ramble on linux fest. Had a thought you wanted to get more into websites and you also mentioned you wanted to get more women involved in linux. What about spinning up a women in linux mastodon? Where strictly women can go and chat with other women about linux and tech? If your interested in doing something like that you would have the full support of Linuxrocks from hosting to help if you want to head up on something like that. Just a thought.

What do you do to get prepared for a long day of staring at monitors? Caffeine?, Music or Podcast? what do you do to get your brain focused?

I know someone who works for a city in IT. They have the worse and most unsecured networks ever. Funding cuts and refuse to upgrade causes big issue along with IT wrapped in politics create crappy networks. Then the same people who refuse to fund IT screams and wonders how stuff like this happens.

Lots of geeks live on tight budgets so food can be expensive.I figured I share one of my grandma's recipes that cost pennies to make.
Fired dumping's with sauerkraut.
Pour flower into a bowl and add water till you make a softball size ball. Throw it into pot and boil it. Its done when you slice it open and there is no more white. Then cut up into small chunks and cover the bottom of a frying pan with lard and fry till crunchy. Then salt and pepper and top with sauerkraut. 😀
Share your recipe

Setup a tld for
So now you can access it from

So I have some domains not doing anything.

Was going to setup maybe a linux disto review or something with a few of those but never did. If anyone wants to drive something with these let me know maybe we can work together any ideas and help is welcome. If one of the linux podcasters out there want them we can make arrangements as well.

Question, Thoughts on what I can do for the great people who are donating to the LR UPS fund?

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