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Just FYi if you try to send me a cease and desist email spoofing the FBI for linuxrocks serving illegal content it my be best if you did not relay it through gmail servers.

Just saying......... Idiots LOL

I am done messing with peertube for now. At lease until I get my new Hardware setup in the data center will be back online tonight hopefully. I migrated it to a new server now I just need to get my buddy hosting the hardware to release the IP.

@hund LinuxRocks XMPP Server is now migrated.

For the ones using it let me know if it is working. You may have to reconnect and flush dns should be is up but only temp I will be taking it down again to night to copy it somewhere. Not sure where yet lol

Shutting down for maintenance. It may be down for awhile.



My damn robot vacuum came on started chasing the cat. The cat ran up the christmas tree and knocked it over and my vacuum is now trying to vacuum up the tree... At what point is it to much tech

Looking for if any spouse's of a geek would would be willing to come on Noah's radio show to tell what it is like to live with a geek.
The show happens on Tuesday's 6pm CST or 12am GMT.

Interested hit me up.

i got to peek behind the curtain into cell and IoT testing ot was pretty cool

I am completely tired of staring at openstack and kubernetes terminals. Need beer LOTS of beer. :rolling_eyes:

Did you know if you hide that rewards card all hotels put in the room the next day it will magically show back up in the its original spot. :thinking:

And as it may seem another profile issue. This time its the hardware profile

This bar is not very conducive for someone who has been staring at a console for the last 48 hours with about 4 hours of rest.

Made it to Redmond Washington after one of the roughest plane rides ever. Then almost dying in the drive to the hotel.
Then I felt like idiot walking into the hotel room when the lights didn't automatically turn on. I screamed out "computer lights on" well hell I forgot they still use physical switches in this century. :rofl: :rofl: Now I know how Scotty felt haha

does anyone wanna trade a ps4 for a Nintendo switch? I am getting the ps4 with a resent purchase and don't need even another PS4 but wife keeps nagging about a switch.

So what is the appropriate geek response to the question "why?" :rofl:

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