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So what is the appropriate geek response to the question "why?" :rofl:

So I would love some honest feed back. I been playing around with photography the past week. I have absolutely no experience in it what so ever other than point and shoot on my phone. I got bored the other night and shot some of my wife and I have been playing around with the images. Is it good, bad are there do's and don't just let me know. It's been pretty interesting from stuff I have read online. It feels like something I can get into tinkering with.

WTH California wants to tax text massages

They have going nuts on taxing everything they can think of.

Home automation + a geek with a script + Christmas Trap music = some weird Christmas dance club lol.

I used a script to pass on and offs to openhab pulled from the mp3. Now my lights and TVs are going wild. Really my TVs is just confused lol but its sure going crazy here.

I haven't slept in 38 hours you know how I know I am tired. I had to count that on my fingers instead of my head. 3 more hours till conference call hope I make it that long...

My neighbors know I get stoned, my neighbors know I drink beer, from all the bottles on my lawn and from all the smoke from over here

@omnipotens @Leelaroo I was hoping you might have some good insite on this thread as I am really worried about my friend. The poor thing has panic attacks just in public spaces and now she is in jail for not turning in her dead dads guns. Honestly she was probably scared to do it. Is there any insite that you can offer.

can someone explain Australia's gun laws? My friend of 10 years was arrested a few days ago. I met her on IRC when she was 18 asking for help to get into Linux. I took her under my wing and a few years ago helped her get a linux admin job. Well the story is she had several of her dead dads guns in her home. She made the mistake of telling a friend who turned her in. Her house was raided and she was taken to jail. This girl has never broke a rule in her life she gets scared in gray areas. WTF

To sum up my night life from the beginning.

elementary school nights spent starting at syntax errors from basic

middle school nights spent starting at dependency errors from gcc

high school was spent with a lot of permission denied from vicki, Laura, stephanie, heather, and Joyce.

Married life nights spent stuck in a infinite loop from work and sleep
waiting for a abort

What kind of IT pranks have you played on people??

I used a kinda IP spoof using a proxy (still in kali don't remember name ATM)to gain access to a buddies home router. I changed the DNS to point to one I setup which redirected every common site to a porn site.

Years ago I slipped on my friends GF machine running win98 and changed the shell from explorer to progman and told her 98 sucks I reinstalled win 3.1 I swear I think smoke was coming out her ears as she thought I really did it lol.

With Emby going closed source what are the options people are moving too? Is there a open option out there to change too and throw my support and money behind?

You want to know a secret? Way back in the day in High School I failed my Computer class. lol

It was coding in Pascal and my teacher could never figure out how my programs worked even though I commented the shit out of it.
Example end of year program everyone had several thousand line I had several hundred but my program did way more.

She would say that's not how we do it. I say it's efficient, she say it's lazy. I was stubborn and did it my way anyway and tell her that it is the right way.

@omnipotens Really frustrating that post can't be edited. Its suppose the be Never gave it much thought but autocorrect bit my ass again.

SuperTuxKart boosts up its in-game visuals.

SuperTuxKart, the famous and fantastic free software kart racer, featuring the prominent Linux mascot Tux.

The game is in inspiration of the likes of Mario Kart.

Check it out ==>

Never game if much thought but I bet we look like a family of serious gamers lol.
2x xbox ones
2x ps4's
2x xbox 360
2x ps3
2x original xbox
3x Gaming PC
1x PS4 VR
1x Nintendo switch
1x Nintendo wii
1x RetroPI with various wireless remotes.

lol I am sure there is more I can't remember.

Gaming Mouse? Need one for my son for Christmas.. Recommendations?

He sent me this one but I am not impressed..

Question anyone good with ancestry research? I need help with some research. I have traced my line of Parkers, Alston, and Royer's all the way back to the 1300's however I am stuck with two spots. First would be my Great Grandmother she died when my Grandpa was 3 he knows nothing of her not even her Maiden name and all my research has showed she magically appeared when she got married with no reference to who she was. Secondly I am stuck in Czechoslovakia in 1800's on my othet side. Thoughts?

seriously??? who builds a linux image without vi !!!

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