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I have already helped a few farmers flash and sideload a few combines. They told john deere to go screw themselves and their warranty.

Most farmers are extremely technical and some here even run linux.

Been playing with openhab3 and not sure what to think of it. I still think 2.5 was easier or at lease less confusing. I wonder if I am over thinking it.

Still not on par with home assistant with functionality.

@architect The only fix is people and time. Time helps to move on and people fill the hole and home. I have seen plenty over these many years and have lost many close to me. You never forget but learn to live without and s simple look from a loved one can turn your whole day around. So people and time.

Looks like its the registrar that keeps going up and down.

Oh DNS why do you have to be such a pain..
I updated the serial on the LR record and killall -HUP named to force the record to refresh.

There were some reports of DNS records being lost. for LR. Not sure what happened.

@Batcastle sure it's logged somewhere just never bothered looking as no one ever came to me. You might check under moderation and users and search for one you rejected.

@wolf480pl Well the story is we needed the source for the linux kernel to recompile a module. They refused.

@wolf480pl @ken_fallon I rarely use Ctrl-R I don't like the formating on how it displays. Never know if you are running the correct line without paying close attention. I much rather history | grep

What would you do when a project based on open source violates the GPL and refuses to release the source?

For example Nvidia's cumulus project. Debian-based OS for switches.

@architect Might have been ap22 hell I don't know got to go find the order but Philip said his wireless has never been as fast and stable after adding the 3 AP's and POE switch. Think of going that route at my house too.

@architect We just setup my friend up with new wireless we used Aruba I think it was AP12. He was in the same boat about to run physical cables. After install of the new wireless, he is getting really fast speeds and no drops or loss.
If you are interested in trying I can find it and send the entire hardware list we used.

@yisraeldov Honesty I don't know. Jitsi uses XMPP on the backend. That was just a workaround to create accounts


@architect @frank yeah I get that but for some damn reason I become the go to expert for everything. Even if I have no clue what it is lol. I haven't been stumped yet but damn I wish I could have some help to push crap too. At lease I finally got a good scripting person to push that off too. I even got other labs calling me asking for help troubleshoot issues.

I wondered if someone could help me by boosting my toot. I'm trying to find software that will work on Windows 10 for drawing using the pen that comes with my Dell laptop. I honestly don't know anything about the subject, so when I try to search on the internet, I'm not getting what I am looking for.

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