@ChrisWere Well xmpp server server is really low however compared to matrix I don't know. When we spun up matrix no one ever used it therefor we quit maintaining it. If it was used I would of payed it more attention.

Currently Jitsi is per request. I am looking for a way to do a signup process or something. I don't want to leave it wide open as thats a recipe for abuse. So currently I just create accounts manually.
As for other services we have xmpp/mastodon/peertube/had a matrix server but not sure if it's still up per lack of someone wanting to administer it. Might be others
Honestly it breaks down to suggestions and who want's to take admin over it. I am also willing to entertain a good idea.

@codythedragonrude No the end or the world is when Bill gates uploads his consciousness into a cyberbrain and uplinks with starnet then merges with trapper keeper and becomes Megabill lol 🤣

@codebus I haven't had to bad of an issue with that. I got enough projects to round robin so I don't go to far on one. The last printer I built I am completely happy with. I trust it to the point I start prints from the other room and may not check it until the next day. It always works and I always get perfect first layers. The only time it messes up is when I do in the slicer. Like forgetting to turn on supports or once on a 500x500mm print I forgot to turn off vase mode lol.

For all the folks who 3D Print any thoughts on a new project to build?

Currently printing parts to build another printer but trying to plan something when this is done.

So for I am thinking a 12 head tool changer.

I just want to remind people on LR for any outage information or any service updates you can check our patreon page.

All updates will be set to public.


@frank @codythedragonrude I tell you my stance. whatever Frank says goes :grin: He's the Admin I am just a pain in the butt owner. You know the type the one that walks in clueless and acts like they know whats going on. :joy:

@codythedragonrude @frank
Cody if it dies again please send me a message with time stamp so I can check logs in the morning.

@codythedragonrude @frank looks like nginx is reporting socket leaks. I will look at it tomorrow its late and only so much a can troubleshoot using my phone.

@codythedragonrude @frank cody what were you doing when it went 502? Anything might be helpful.

Frank it is definitely something with nginx. I restarted peertube and nothing. I restarted nginx and it came up. The status of nginx was up but either way it fixed it.

We need another dotcom boom.
I miss the game rooms, arcades,foosball,pinball not to mention the fully stocked bars at the office.

Whatever happened to all that.

@architect miss the days of the tech boom were offices had bars, game rooms arcades. I was a expert at rush 2049. I was unbeatable lol

@architect I remember getting off the phone with the ceo of Halliburton and hitting the bar. He always got me wound up but the worse was bmc softwares vp. Those folks were so demanding. Think the coolest was landmark graphics ceo we just bs and cut up. I always got stuck with the big wigs so me and the bar became good friends haha

So was wondering? Who has worked at a company that provided free Alcohol? One company was data backup provider and vpn provider. We kept a fully stocked bar and it was nice when you got off the phone with that one customer and was able to go sit and have a drink and a smoke to calm down.
The other was a ISP we always had beer in the fridge.

@Sulairris @malin the funny part is when I asked my wife for two bobby pins and she asked why. I said I am going to pick that lock on the closet and she laughed. I got the last laugh lol. If your curious why there is a dead bolt on a closet. It holds the gun safe and other random stuff. Just one extra layer to keep curious eyes out.

@Sulairris @malin Oh I know just didn't think someone who never tried it or any knowledge about lock picking can watch a 30 second YouTube video then pick a lock in less than 2 minutes. I figured I would at lease take 3 min lol

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