@architect Always go through the interview worst case you don't like it but you still get practice interviewing

For those who like Antergros so far it appears rebornos.org to be a valid replacement.

@MereLinuxMortal So far everything looks like it is a rebranded antergros.

@MereLinuxMortal I think I am going to test reborn now.

How am I going to choose lol.

"With over 15 DE's to choose from upon installation and about 30 optional features, RebornOS is for you "

@MereLinuxMortal Looks interesting I may give it a run. I loved anerigros so might be a good replacement

@ozoned @snowden I could of worked for the Government in the early 2000's they harassed me for several months trying to get me to go work from them. They even started throwing some big numbers for pay. I turned it down but turning down that pay was very hard. I just hate being told what to do. I can always walk away from a corporate job if I don't like something. It's not so easy with the government.

@alexcleac I am not sold yet on fedora I ran it a year ago and I found it ok.

What desktop distro should I use.

I need to reinstall my laptop. I like arch base distros but not married to it and I do favor KDE as it seem to work best when using my laptop as a tablet. I tried Mangero but it don't seem to be loading my wireless and honestly I don't feel like troubleshooting it.

Seriously, someone reported one of our users and the complaint was climate denier...
When did different opinions become abuse that needs to be reported.

@nifker @nergal @hund The whole point of the secret chat is to encrypt it and lock it to a device.

@ozoned @dar13 it don't seem to work in ubuntu. I think because ubuntu uses initrd rather than initfs.

FYI this is what I am setting up.


@gbraad By any chance do you know if Clevis and Tang is a fully support option from redhat?


It is in the security guide.


@ozoned because i am trying to install clevis and the default init break's luks and vlevis

anyone have any thoughts I am using dracut to build a init on ubuntu but when I update it overrides it. Any idea's on how to keep the config after a update?
I am running dracut -f --kernel-cmdline "ip= rd.shell"

Is there another way to keep the info after ubuntu re-creates initrd?

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