I 3d printed a TNG style warp core. Using a esp8266 and a neopixel strip. So the warp core has wifi 😁


@architect Yeah I have been using to much hardware around the house with power and just plain heat I been on a container and virtualization push lately. I have my switch/storage/wireless router/home auto/firewall vpn/and others running all on one piece of hardware.

@architect what I do is run a microserver. With a 4 port nic to give 6 ports. However the microserver gen10 has 2 pci so you could have 6x nic and 2x sfp and 4x hdd bays for storage.

I run pfsense in a vm have 5 nics set to passthrough. Use one for the vm bridge and run a fileserver and a vm for home automation. Just a thought. Pricey but can kill multiple things in one box.

Just was talking about something I thought I would share.

About 10 years ago I did work for a company who lost their Linux Admin.I was a 6 month contract until they got a permanent employee. They had only 1 Linux admin for 400ish Linux users and 30 servers. They had 3 Windows admin for 200ish windows users and 10 servers. The Windows Techs stayed busy while I hunted for things to do. Ended up hardening and writing automation and inventory systems.

Linux just works.

@wolf480pl @alexcleac na those people are a myth too lol you just bragged about it lol

@ChrisWere @ajdunevent oh I agree I was just referring to the organization and the politicians behind it.

@ajdunevent Not to get all political here but the blm organization is nothing but a fund raiser for the democratic party. If you follow the money. The majority of the donations that go into blm get redirected to act blue which then redirects money to democratic campaigns. As I see it they use the black community as pawns to get power. MalcomX back in 1963 said the same thing even back then. He sums up the liberal and conservative politicians back then and still relevant today. I can link..

There are only two types of Linux Users

Those who have used Arch and love it so much they must tell everyone.

Those who have not used Arch and complain that you will always know a Arch user because they will tell you.

🤣 😜


Question at line 99 what would be the best way to instead of having lights chasing to the end of the string but have both end chase to the middle or better yet set pixel? any thoughts? github.com/brazda/Warp-Core-Ne

@gbrnt yes, i am 3d printing a tng warp core about 6 foot tall. I am using a esp8266. The idea is to be able to send var to the board via my home auto to control delay and distance between lights to make the appearance of it running faster like at high warp. They also have to split to have both sides go into center.I can upload what I have to github.

@Batcastle then use docker 😜

docker create \ --name=nextcloud \ -e PUID=1000 \ -e PGID=1000 \ -e TZ=Europe/London \ -p 443:443 \ -v /path/to/appdata:/config \ -v /path/to/data:/data \ --restart unless-stopped \ linuxserver/nextcloud

@codythedragonrude as long as its a optional setting the idea is sound for help with basic users but I agree I don't want any app to be able to use root permissions without permissions

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