@Batcastle try this one. systutorials.com/docs/linux/ma

I have used it to reload drives in a vm and worked. I know its for scsi but that one seemed to work when I have added new drives in a vm and it don't show up.

@Batcastle there is a bash script I found online years ago that would do it. I have not looked for it in years.

@nm Awesome! I have been using vim for 20 years because I couldn't figure out how to exit 😜 🤣

@Batcastle never used partprobe I kinda do things old school out of habbit

@chmod777 I use my brain and most of my passwords are 16 to 32 random characters and are different for almost every thing 😁 I just have a system to remember passwords

@Batcastle Have you rebooted? dd if=/dev/zero overwrites the first blocks where that info is stored. You have to reboot afterwards to reload the disk info

Recommendation for OS

Looking for something flashy and pretty. Something I can swap a windows user too and show them the power and flash of Linux. I am going to reinstall their laptop tomorrow. A good app store would be nice too. As a arch user its been awhile since I played with other distros.

@hund @TommyO the odds are its a dns issue or routing issue with the vpn service

@KylinuxCast oh looks like the cert does not have the www. In it. Will look at that when I get a chance unless @G_Dog1985 has a chance to look at it.

@OpenComputeDesign @HexDSL I am not to worried about the price to much just one they wont go out of date in a month and will work well with my machine. My son told me a 1080 but i been out of the game for so long no idea anymore

@voltist @malin i agree with malin you have the ability to block whomever you like. We wont block anyone for political differences I will let that be up to individual's to block. We don't play the political games here they are all crooks.

What is the video card to get these days?

I have a intel xeon e5-2620 @ 2.4ghz 12 core proc.

16GB ram

the current video card is quadro k2200

To be honest its ran almost everything I have thrown at it with little issue but thinking about getting back more into PC gaming and maybe VR on PC as my psvr just don't have some of the titles I want.

@HexDSL or anyone have any suggestions that will fit my machine. I want good linux support but I do dual boot for a few games.

@maxigaz i am the worst of creating desktop icons on my windows machine but on my linux machine i never use them. Linux hotkeys just work so awesome. Windows search just plain sucks. If it wasn't for tools i use for work i would chunk that machine

@Katsudon @ozoned Well as for the fighting styles for one its the tendency to jab. Them rey and palpatine are the only ones in the movies to jab the saber forward. As for the clone theory I really hope they don't go that route to me that's just poor writing.

@ozoned Oh wild theory what if Anakin had a half sister who got with Palpatine while he was a senator lol

@ozoned There is just no way she is a skywalker by blood as Lea or Luke wouldn't leave their kid abandoned on a planet and if she was stolen they be looking for her. The only way she be a skywalker if she is a descended of Anakin's mom. Rey and Palpatine have similar fighting styles as well has control over emotions and to harness the rage during a fight. The trailer also has her in similar robes as him.

So who thinks Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine?

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