@wolf480pl @mikehow disagree to a point. People don't really care if it's foss for proprietary as long as it works. People use open source software everyday and don't give it much thought. Android, chromebooks, even system76 sells hardware with opensource. The average person just don't really care.

@mikehow Post-away rants can always bring interesting conversations.

@wolf480pl @mikehow I don't think PR is the issue. When you buy a laptop or phone you have proprietary software rammed down your throat. Most people are content with using this software. There is no avenue for the average person to have FOSS software shoved upon them.
When is the last time you seen an ad for Microsoft Office or similar products that's normally pushed on devices.

@mikehow People hate change especially when it comes to tech. Just look how much outrage a company gets just by updating the UI. Many people will stick with the devil they know rather than change unless they have something that pushes them over the edge.

Let's face it, to the wider world open source has a bit of a PR problem. I know from personal experience. I've known about Linux for about 20 years and yet it's only in the last three months that I've started to seriously use it. What's taken me so long? There is so much understandable outrage at the moment about the likes of Facebook. Why aren't more people exploring the alternatives?

I'm testing a PeerTube plugin I'm creating to improve use and display of Creative Commons licenses. If you want to see it in action, you can view it by watching any video of @boilingsteam


CC: @sean

Check out this informative episode of Sudo Show #27!

Eric and Brandon Eric put on their System Administrator hats and dive into the world of open source virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)!

+ Sudoverse is expanding!



@Batcastle @FreeCAD everything printing fine. There is nothing wrong with the STL. It got to be a setting in slic3r

@Batcastle @FreeCAD I am not seeing an issue other than by default the container starts upside down and should be flipped. I shrunk it down small just to so a quick test and it seems to be printing fine with cura.
Being a round object I see the gcode ends up being 37MB. Might be an issue with your slicer or settings.
I will let you know how the test print comes out. It should be done in 30 minutes. I kicked it up to 200mm/s

@Batcastle @FreeCAD

post a link to the stl and I can take a quick look to see whats going on. I mainly use cura and very little freecad.

@wolf480pl more like something to produce a load and show where preformance is at and show were i can improve

@Linux_in_a_Bit not sure sounds something app specific. I will download it and check it later tonight

Anyone can recommend any tool to find the bottleneck in performance for both linux and windows?

@Linux_in_a_Bit i only follow tech stuff so can you explain? I barely know who pewdiepie is lol

@codythedragonrude not saying i wont just seems easier and I checked those would be a 12 hour print a piece

Watch this awesome episode of @MichaelTunnell@twitter.com's
This Week in Linux 148 !

@ubuntu@twitter.com 21.04, Linux On @NASAMars@twitter.com, Linux Kernel Bans University of Minnesota,

And so much more GNews! πŸ˜€πŸ§πŸ§


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