@DashEquals i think there is only 1 and it was some Chinese instance. I will check when i get around a computer.

@an3223 Thanks I am printing the last few things then going to throw a light in it.

@cameron What's the point not to just go nuts. IF your not having fun with your computer then it's just a tool and tools are not fun.

@DestinationLinux episode 102 you guys talk about Tor.

It is not as secure as you guys think.

You need to watch this talk on Tor. Presented by an IT guy who works at a Police Department here in AZ:


My parts to repair one of my 3d Printers are coming in today! Oh yea I broke one of my 3D printers. It had a meltdown lol

@bilbobaggins30 I think it should be used for servers needing a gui along the side of mate

@Batcastle @troyh @matt Its always fun to see how passionate people are over a text editor

@Batcastle @troyh @matt To each their own but trust me when you start using vim as a text editor its hard to use anything else

@troyh @matt @Batcastle I cant live without it. Even when I get stuck on a windows machine one of the first things I do is install VIM. Just to handy stuff like global search and replace I cant live without as it saves so much time.

@troyh Hows it go... I've been using VI for years still trying to figure out how to quit

@Batcastle @troyh I never understand people who say that. What do you do where nano works better?

@troyh Now here is the big question vi or nano?

Hints you say nano you might get blocked haha

@troyh So do I but can I hit the super key and type fir enter and get firefox to launch

@NickFreeman @architect but you bring up a point I need to re-setup a secondary DNS Server

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