@DashEquals is everything 100% I am in vegas with no access to computer so testing is limited. I think it was a issue with the root servers

@DashEquals Not sure what happened looked like a issue at root level domain

@DashEquals you can upload before 5 I'm just trying to avoid one long push but spikes are fine

@DashEquals if you going to do it all in one move it after 5pm CST The server is at my finds company and don't want him to get upset of burning all his bandwidth for a long period of time during business hours.

@DashEquals It's there for everyone to use however you all see fit. Just remember I do not and have no plans to backup any data on peertube. I do ask however if your planning to store lots of files let me know so I can get off my butt and finally take my bigger server up to the site so I can have more storage and quit stumping my toe on the new server sitting on my floor.

My current process on building my 3D printer. Currently using the printer to print a new box for the electronics as my last design was not big enough do to the amount of cables.


On Saturday 20th April 2019 at 8:00pm Eastern USA Big Daddy Linux Live are going to be reviewing Sabayon Linux.
Currently installing this Gentoo based distro on my now spare Alienware M15x.

And we're back! Seems like someone was flooding us again.

@graygrumps lol i know but anyone who finds a security hole also gets recruited to fix it haha

Ok redhat I am done with you for today I don't have the patents to try to navigate your overly complicated subscription site to try to figure out why I no longer have enough licenses just so I can install net-utils and vim.
You need to take a page out of Canonical's playbook for ubuntu!

Ok Redhat me and you are having a very bad start today

Unable to verify server's identity: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:618)

@Wolf480pl 20 years you will see you will get muscle memory on how to configure something and they will pull the rug out from you lol

Ok Redhat I know I did a minimal install but remove vim and nano really lol

@Wolf480pl lol thanks I know I have already done it. LOL my point was Redhat cant leave will enough alone lol

@Wolf480pl It is it just not installed by default install and now I have to get the network up to install it which means I have to google how to add a default route because some knuckle head thought it be funny to remove it from the default install haha

@Wolf480pl I been typing the same command for 25 years that is what is wrong. Why change up what everyone knows and uses. You can easily create a new package and keep the same command format rather than completely blow away what has worked for years and make old farts like me have to google just to add a route lol

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