Suggestions on opensource knowledge base software? I am looking to spin up something internal for work to share are notes and tips and workarounds

@eylul never heard of that printer but looking it up it seems to support gcode so cura should work. As for the print if ypu send a print of a benchy it would help but it does sound like a bed level issue.

What do you use if you want to test run-in a server. To test processor, memory, nic, etc.
I get request every so often to test a specific OS lastly ubuntu 14.04 on some hardware. What would you use to put it through it's paces?

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@eylul what type of printer? First layer is all about bed leveling and build surface. I normally slow my first layer down to 15mm/s

@friend hmm I have forgot about that. Never used it I should try it,

@wolf480pl Well maybe I will give it another shot. To be honest I think its the UI that killed it for me at first. From what you described it might work for me. Thanks

@codythedragonrude It would be very easy to build one. They make slim cdrom usb drives. Add that to a pi and prints a case.

@wolf480pl I tried dia for a few minutes felt like I was using paint. Now honestly I didnt dig to deep. Did I stop to soon??

Any really good open source alternatives to Viso?

I mainly use it for network diagrams. I would prefer cross platform for those rare occasions I have to use windows do to some meeting software or etc.

@omnipotens Just fyi it's only for the few that have email accounts but everyone should be vigilant.

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@OpenComputeDesign No No a computer with no screws and everything has a reliable locking mechanism. I had a old laptop like that you could replace everything with the exception of the screen without ever picking up a screw driver or turning a screw.

Fallout Netflix Series?

I 3d printed a TNG style warp core. Using a esp8266 and a neopixel strip. So the warp core has wifi 😁

@architect Yeah I have been using to much hardware around the house with power and just plain heat I been on a container and virtualization push lately. I have my switch/storage/wireless router/home auto/firewall vpn/and others running all on one piece of hardware.

@architect what I do is run a microserver. With a 4 port nic to give 6 ports. However the microserver gen10 has 2 pci so you could have 6x nic and 2x sfp and 4x hdd bays for storage.

I run pfsense in a vm have 5 nics set to passthrough. Use one for the vm bridge and run a fileserver and a vm for home automation. Just a thought. Pricey but can kill multiple things in one box.

Just was talking about something I thought I would share.

About 10 years ago I did work for a company who lost their Linux Admin.I was a 6 month contract until they got a permanent employee. They had only 1 Linux admin for 400ish Linux users and 30 servers. They had 3 Windows admin for 200ish windows users and 10 servers. The Windows Techs stayed busy while I hunted for things to do. Ended up hardening and writing automation and inventory systems.

Linux just works.

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