@wolf480pl I am so bad at cabling when I was running the R&D lab. I would say I am going to go cable something then I would always have one of my employees jump up and say no no don't worry about it they would get it instead lol. They did not want me to touch the cables lol

Finally some facts instead of speculation. HexDSL knows what he is talking about.


Think this is a little bios don't you think? Not one vote for Linux admins lol

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@frank Not looking good for devs lol. I would say me lol I am the worst lol

Just for fun

Who is the worst at cable management?

Seriously if you haven't seen this it's worth a watch.

It goes into detail on using and coding of the Apollo missions guidance computer.

Really interesting.


@Linux_in_a_Bit I haven't begun to procrastinate yet. Thinking about starting tomorrow but we will see. 🤣

It's that time again. Here's the first stable update after our 21.08 release.

It's a big one!

PS: A small regression sneaked into this update for rk3399 based boards. Ethernet does no longer work on kernel 5.14, so if you rely on that on your or please don't update the linux package.


Movie night in the pool.

Annabelle creations. Finally got time to kick back from fighting openshift and openstack all day.

Elon, get your act together and get the rest of starlink satellites launched! I am tired of waiting!

@Batcastle well that's new, don't know many people who used that. What was the driving force to go with ubermix?

@Linux_in_a_Bit Glad I don't have that problem. You can't hear my AC even with the volume maxed. It's mainly because my mic. I do love my heil but you have to be aware when recording that it is pointed right at you. It's so damn directional that a move 2 foot from mic center will cause the audio to drop. With that said I can be clear across the office and as long as I am in line you would never hear a difference. I bought it just for that reason so it would not pick up all the ambient noise.

For fun post the first version of Linux you ever used and when...

Slackware 2. 1995..

Damn I am old.

@architect oh you had to go there. I was just finally moving my frustration from docker over to nvidia and now you moved it back to docker. Thanks, thanks alot lol

@KyleRuzic if people are fighting with each other they won't be fighting with the political powers

@conky have you setup all the dns crap to validate the mail server?

The biggest issues I ran into is people who run outdated disks and windows dns servers.

People use other desktops other than kde? Silly people haha. Anything else I might as well go back to cde

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