@hund something happened to the server? No idea i haven't seen anything.

@matt i use to use xmms all the time these days i normally just stream youtube.

@s31bz I told someone yesterday I believe in math and science and they called me a idiot 🤣

@Katsudon @selea @hund As we say the rules here are be an adult. About the only thing that will get you ban is out right attacking people. We all know how to treat people and don't need to be lectured and we have a awesome user base so incidence rarely happen. There are a few mods and admins that keep this thing going. Even in my absence they have access to the host and server and modulation.

@Katsudon @selea @hund Most people use the report button. The vast majority of the reports are people reporting spam. It is rare to get a report on a user and normally those are from other instances with stuff like so and so called this girl pretty. Or someone reports someone for a different political belief. Normally we just let the user know what happened and go about our day. You will hear me rant from time to time about the whinniness of people lol.

@ozoned what do you do support on specifically. Just curious normally when i open a ticket its for openstack.

@ozoned @Ehardy18 yea I like to call it paranoid lazy as in the end having the ids and firewall drop it offline when it sees suspicious activity it cannot seem to stop as panic status climbs it will just take it offline. That means all we have to do is check logs and verify server rather than deal with a intrusion. Hints the lazy part lol. Worst case after 24 hours the panic level resets and bring it online but we always bring it back before then.

Figured I share this again.

If you want to get first hand information on the happenings on LR, report a outage or feel free just to chat anyone is welcome to join our telegram group.

LinuxRocks Users and Updates

@Ehardy18 yep, sorry about that. The firewall and ids saw activity that triggered a lockdown. The only issue when that happens is I rely on the network admin to bring it back online. If you have telegram you can always join the group to get first hand information or report a outage or just chat.

LinuxRocks Users and Updates

@selea @hund Honestly it doesn't take much time the way everything it currently setup. And an event that takes things down is rare. However in the end I believe the firewall and ids solution has prevented more headaches than it has caused. Between that and the awesome team that helps keep the software updated and moderators we rarely have any issues luckily. The last major issue we had was a double drive failure. Luckily between a few backups and a awesome team we walked away with minimal loss.

@selea @hund it's called being lazy and rather deal with it on my schedule solution 🤣 and no the majority of the internet crap does not effect it. Typically when it triggers there is a good reason.

@yisraeldov why don't you hit up linux academy. They are always looking for content creators who can teach something. No idea of whats there status is and what they are looking for now but it want hurt.

@hund its not just this server peertube.linuxrocks.online was also effected. I don't really want to advertise what all triggers the firewall panic modes. There are several levels that triggers various responses. From blocking a address all the way to screw it block everything. LoL It's security over uptime. Look I am lazy and really don't want to be building a new machine, auditing logs, explaining to users their shit has been leaked. So I much rather drop it offline on detection deal with later

LR is back up

The firewall saw some alerts and threw it into lockdown mode once again.

Damn people get a life lol

@tGM Done. Let me know how you want to do it? You want me to host? Point to your server? You want to take it off my hands and take ownership? Let me know. I am willing to do.

@Katsudon actually that was one of the reasons I got that one. Just never set it up.

@Akzel I will never beat my old record 1,144 days. Redhat 5. No not rhel this was before the all that. It ran on a Pentium 166. All it ran was a remote syslog for all the servers and switches. I had some hand written tools for the support guys to pull logs for a user.

Does anyone want to do anything with these domains? If anyone is interested tell me your thoughts. If it is interesting I will be willing to entertain the idea of me running a server for it. I will even help just don't have the cycles to do anything myself. I would even sell for cost. I bought them while back with the intention of doing something with them.I found I have enough projects.

@OpenComputeDesign Does being positive about being bitchy count? LoL ok bad joke i need sleep lol

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