Any suggestions on a ptp server for a lab. Is there a none gps option when I really don't care about accurate time just accurate timing? Looking to connect some EnodeB in a lab setting.
Suggestions on hardware or setup?

@architect ah someone else who feels my pain. I so hate yaml and got a keyboard to shove up.. to anyone who thought yaml was a good idea lol. Right now I am fighting with it for a deployment of openshift.

@matt If I had to guess it was probably something to do with letsencrypt. I know my mail server updated around that time. Your browser cache probably had old data.

@matt is this still a issue? Sorry just seen this as I am in the middle of moving to a new house.

@happybeing At times I grab my laptop and work from the beach when I know its going to be a slower day.

@wolf480pl For work I am normally working on several things at one so very helpful to keep each on its one screen.

@Katsudon my laptop has 3 of the monitors as well just didn't mention that one. My old one had 4 but this new one only can do 3. Was thinking of getting an external video card just don't use it enough to warrant it.

@Katsudon Oh I run multiple video cards that have many ports all nvidia in desktops machines

@Katsudon Normally might game in it, sometime stream videos, and rarely just throw crap I want to monitor like an install like openstack which takes hours. So its out the way but can keep an eye on it.

For fun.

Show off your setup. Post a pick and tells us about your setup.

Two machines
Personal machine running arch
Work machine running windows.
Both connected to all seven monitors to switch back and forth or run both on any monitor. I also run barrier for keyboard and mouse sharing but Iike having both available so in a meeting I can goof off and play a game.

@HappyWizard Think this might be something. The original image there are two " ` " The text that came with also has two " ' "the cache says. I am thinking the text maybe in the image as well.

The Approx Elevation is 8990'

The name is everything if you know what we mean! This should be an easier cache to find and please beware of where you place your hands. Please bring your own logging device as the cache doesn't contain one. The cache has no room for trackables.

@HappyWizard Well thanks for your help. I will keep looking at it from what you sent me.

@HappyWizard Well the data should have coordinates. It's from a very old geocache that still has not been found. A friend now has me addicted to figuring this out lol

Anyone have any idea on what this is and how to decode it? I got handed this puzzle and I am stumped.

Suggestions on opensource knowledge base software? I am looking to spin up something internal for work to share are notes and tips and workarounds

@eylul never heard of that printer but looking it up it seems to support gcode so cura should work. As for the print if ypu send a print of a benchy it would help but it does sound like a bed level issue.

What do you use if you want to test run-in a server. To test processor, memory, nic, etc.
I get request every so often to test a specific OS lastly ubuntu 14.04 on some hardware. What would you use to put it through it's paces?

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