@Katsudon @ozoned Well as for the fighting styles for one its the tendency to jab. Them rey and palpatine are the only ones in the movies to jab the saber forward. As for the clone theory I really hope they don't go that route to me that's just poor writing.

@ozoned Oh wild theory what if Anakin had a half sister who got with Palpatine while he was a senator lol

@ozoned There is just no way she is a skywalker by blood as Lea or Luke wouldn't leave their kid abandoned on a planet and if she was stolen they be looking for her. The only way she be a skywalker if she is a descended of Anakin's mom. Rey and Palpatine have similar fighting styles as well has control over emotions and to harness the rage during a fight. The trailer also has her in similar robes as him.

So who thinks Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine?

Understanding #2

systemd has incredible docs, some of the best I've ever seen, since systemd is so huge though it's difficult to find anything in systemd.

'man systemd.index' - index of man pages related to systemd.

'man systemd.directives' - list of all directives (variables) for use when creating or understanding units files (files end with .service or .mount etc)

'man systemd.special' - list of units that systemd provides and are considered important.

Understanding systemd #1

Contrary to popular belief is not just an init system. Take everything you know about older init systems and throw it out the window, that's what the systemd devs did anyway.

Init is one part of systemd but it also does things like process management, application resource management, cgroup implementations, containerization, networking, device management, etc.

I personally call it a full management layer.

For those that don't know I work at Red Hat. I do support and my primary focus is on systemd.

As there's a massive misunderstanding across the board with , from what it actually is to how do I properly create unit files, I was thinking of trying to do kind of a recommendations and explanations one toot at a time.

So if anyone has questions or would like explanations please let me know.

@ozoned Honesty tips and tricks basically things people don't know about systemd would be awesome. In the past I forgot the exact issue I was having but I remember finding a solution using systemd. I was shocked as it really didn't have anything to do with booting the system. Wish I could remember what it was.

@archtoasty @Piejacker875 There is and I went ahead and silence them from the LR instance. It didnt look like a active account anyway as it had no post

@ozoned @archtoasty Oh O see what your saying. Well they are not on the LR instance best I can do is block them.

@Katsudon @nikodemo144 @EndeavourOS I have been running reborn os which is a replacement for anterigros and been working fine. I only ran into a issue with bluetooth where not all the stuff was installed for audio for my headset.

@matt I think I am going to go with latest gTDL's as the list is ever growing.

@matt are there any sub-term for those specific types of domain. I found in my office lab which is running a windows dns server fully updated that not all the newer gTDL's are supported. This cause a script to fail that was calling a repo that was on one of the newer gTDL's and I am trying to find the proper way to document this find.

question about terminology as it pertains to domains. What specific terms references domains like .online .network .xyz and so on.. Basically I am looking for a term to describe non .com .net .org domains would that still be gTDL?

Discussing loli art (Fuck loli art) 

Discussing loli art (Fuck loli art) 

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