LinuxRocks is currently running on a double disk failure and will be limping along till the 29th when I will be replacing the server. Will be shutting down LR in just a few minutes to get a latest backup for VM to make restoring easier.

@matt Only for a minute then I have to shut it down again for a few hours. About to write a post about whats going on

@eviloatmeal @DashEquals Well as I said before I consider this the communities instance I am just hosting the hardware. If it wasn't for the volunteers and everyone on the instance it wouldn't be around. Several people have access to the server so if something happens to me then they can take the VM and move it else where.

@omnipotens I wonder how many people will end up here... it's cool that this instance has been around for 2+ years.

@kapper1224 Any chance you post some stuff in English so we might all benefit? 😀

@cameron oh same here its hard to push yourself to get out as sitting at home can become so comfortable. We can become hermits pretty quick over here too and have many times.

@cameron I don't know I just been working on finding activities that don't involve the internet. Sometimes its taking the boat out or going fishing or sometimes I work on building and designing 3D printers. Been traveling a bit more like the vegas trip a few weeks ago or playing dominos and board games. Therefore I never really have to force myself to unplug but being active enough to forget the internet

@cameron I mostly unplug most weekends with just limited checking emails and checking to make sure nothing has blown up. Normally my phone sits on a table and I just grab it for a few minutes for a quick scroll. Hints why on weekends it takes hours for me to respond if I do.

#OpenBSD 6.5 and 6.4 security errata is available now for Intel #MDS, don't forget to syspatch(8)! :flan_thumbs:

003: SECURITY FIX: May 29, 2019 amd64
Intel CPUs have a cross privilege side-channel attack (MDS).

@DashEquals that's up to everyone else and what the migration process looks like and or volunteers willing too. I always say its my server but its everyone's instances. Right up reasons too and I will re-share and get everyones thoughts

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