Samsung fold 3 update.

Playing XBOX games on the fold using game pass cloud is a whole new experience. Granted you can do this on some phones but the larger screen takes it to a enjoyable level.

I just played Fallout 4 and Halo on my phone over 5G with no issues.

Would anyone like me to do a video review of this phone and if so what would you like to see? Using it for tech like ssh and rdp or gaming or what?

Day 2 of using a Samsung Fold 3

The transition as been smooth. It feels comfortable in my hands and been loving it.
It has been a blessing when it comes to ssh as I can partially fold it and have the keyboard on one screen and the console on the other. It's way more responsive than the S9 and watching videos is a way better experience. The audio is also much louder than I my other phones.

So far the only downside is battery life buy I new that going into it. I just pack a charge pack in case.

Movie night in the pool.

Annabelle creations. Finally got time to kick back from fighting openshift and openstack all day.

Got my homebrew printer up and running again after a failed print crashed my hotend.

Upgraded to thermocoupler and 60 watt heater and in the process I accidentally touched wires and made some smoke. I also broke a driver and had to write to write a custom profile for the amp board. That was lots of heating and reading voltages. I am glad it's done.

Now back to printing my Saturn V once benchy is done.

Warning: One drop of this extract may cause divorce. Note for future don't kiss wife after having a drop of satans blood and ketchup. LoL.

It's is pretty damn spicy I absolutely love it.

I normally don't post food but damn this was good. I was just throwing stuff together with no idea of my final results. I just had to share as to be honest I was surprised on how tasty my experimentation came out. Think I accidentally created my new favorite dish.

Bourbon chicken with sweet mustard sauce with a side of garlic Parmesam penne pasta.

When sleep is elusive it's time for a night cap. Jefferson's Ocean bourbon is always a good choice.

My lock picking kit.

All it took was two bobby pins to open a dead bolt with a lost key.

Took 2 minutes with no experience. Makes you wonder about security.

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