Lab sure starting to look empty. Going to be sad to see everything I built here go and have someone else's hands taking care of it.

hmm so torn I normally don't by crap I can easily build with a pi but lol and from what I read you can download roms and copy over with a usb stick.

Come on folks lets here your best oops! Go ahead and admit to what you did.

I once fat fingered rm -fr /etc/httpd/virtuals with rm-fr /etc httpd/virtuals and deleted my entire etc on a production machine. This was before yum or apt. I downloaded all the rpms and extracted the /etc data and rebuilt it. With a few config edits it was rebuilt with 0 downtime as everything stayed running the entire time.

The only way to spend a weekend. Boat, Beer, BBQ

Boredom make people do strange strange things!!! By the power of grayskull I am ........ Loosing it!

I think I am going to build me a keyboard like this for no other reason that I can 🤣

@DestinationLinux I am calling out the folks at Destination Linux! LOL You can too migrate accounts within Mastodon. At the bottom of edit profile allows you to set a forward to another account on another instance. 😜 🤣 Also the API allows to view local feeds from other instances just needs a client.. Example web client

So Next excuse not to use mastodon and linuxrocks?? haha

Keep up the good work!

All out of one Rack. There has to be a better way lol

It took some doing but I found my desk again. Next person to walk by and sit something on my desk is getting a scissors though the hand. Hmm guess I have to order some scissors lol

HPE MicroServers are flipping awesome. Plenty of Power for multiple VM's. I run my Fileserver in a VM so I can snaphot it before I do anything. I shoved 4x 8TB drives in mine don't think I will be needing to upgrade anytime soon and it great to have a ILO for maintenance! I am having to much fun with it 😜

I'm going to need to get the bigger server moved to the data center soon haha. LOL actually we are still fine but I do get to get off my butt and do it. I think linuxrocks will love the SSD drives and the 48 cores lol

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