Anyone have a good site to explain how to work this problem? Friend just ask for help and she is not understanding what I am trying to tell her. Hoping I can point her to a tutorial.

Stole from pixel but thought it was pretty good. Good to love linux errors

I started off 3D Printing ear savers for the local medical professionals fighting Covid 19. Word got out now I am getting people contact me from as far as California to New York and just got a request for 10 to Hawaii. I have 4 printers running around the clock making 100 a day and can't keep up. Yes, I been doing it for free for medical professionals. I have took one donation from a doctor who wanted to help with all the shipping cost.

Does anyone want to do anything with these domains? If anyone is interested tell me your thoughts. If it is interesting I will be willing to entertain the idea of me running a server for it. I will even help just don't have the cycles to do anything myself. I would even sell for cost. I bought them while back with the intention of doing something with them.I found I have enough projects.

Think I got my settings dialed in on my 3d printer to print miniatures

There is just something satisfying watch the printer I built print something when just a few months ago it was just hardware sitting at home depo.

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