LR Fund Raiser Status for replacement drive.

Current $443
Goal. $500

You folks are awesome for all the extremely generous donations! I have been humbled by all the large contributions and including from other instances!

We have a predictive drive failure on the LR Server.

If you'd like to donate to LR

Or if you know where I can get one at a good cost let me know.

MB8000JFECQ HP 8TB 7.2K 12Gbps SAS 3.5'' Hard Drive

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You could probably get a 8TB Seagate IronWolf Pro for around $150, and manybe even use a Raid 1 array with a second one for data reduncancy.
Also that 12Gb/s number is a complete lie from HP, as any hard drive will max out at 6Gb/s because of the limitations of SATA III (also OEM branded products are overpriced AF)

@omnipotens There's a $200 Seagate SAS drive, probably more reliable then the HP one too...

@Linux_in_a_Bit I am a bit hesitant about mismatching drives on an existing array.

@Linux_in_a_Bit I be glad to order from any of those just nervous about I know nothing about those vendors or anyone who has used them. If I can get validation that they are legit I will order from there.

@omnipotens I would send a bit, but is seems to be impossible to send money from Russia now.

@gamliel No worries but thanks! I am not too worried about the last $100. Its also been suggested to get a cheaper drive just not sure how I feel about mixing drives in a array. Think I would rather stick to same type.

@omnipotens Oh, why is it cheaper? Is not it worse? Possible my experience is obsolete or irrelevant, but it seems to me that the most reliable hard drives are Western Digital.

@gamliel More on the line of keeping the same type to avoid any unforeseen issues.

@omnipotens But are you sure that production of this model will not be stopped next year? If yes, what to do when you will need to replace one hard drive next time?

@gamliel Hard drives will normally have a long production run. Not to mention I have 10x of them in this server. So if we get to that point I might look at rebuilding the array with something different.
The server is a DL380 Gen9
Dual xeon E5-2660
10x 8G HDD

It runs mostly LR servers minus my personal email server.

quake1 server
IRLP/Allstar node for Ham Radio

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