@omnipotens got any dvi-d (the one without the four pins around the flat pin) to vga adapters sitting around? need one for my second monitor

@omnipotens Wow, so many screens! Sometimes for me, even one screen is too much. :)
@omnipotens Btw I like the curve in your desk and cleanness of it (not much wires). I also like that you didn't clean the trashcan, just because of taking the photo. And the watch on the wall. :blobthumbsup:

@parasurv I thought about cleaning the trash can and said naaa lol. I wait to Friday trash pick up day

@ghjardim No not really but I have been a guest on a number of podcast. I been ask to guest on a few Ham Radio, 3D Printing, linux podcast in the past.
I do have plans to start a LinuxRocks podcast but been waiting on my starlink to come in as my current internet connection is not really suitable.

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