My wifi adventures.

My old wifi router was struggling to keep up with all my devices so so purchased a new Netgear Nighthawk. Well it keeped reboot at random so I returned it and got a new one. The new one keep rebooting so I opened a ticketed at netgear. They refused to support it excluding a warranty exchange unless I purchased premium support. So I am returning it completely.

I purchased a aruba mesh system POE switch and all. So far I am loving it. The speed and features are awesome.

@omnipotens How many devices did you have using it before you started seeing issues?

@ChrisWere around 45 2.4ghz 15 5ghz and 20 cabled. Some where around there. Over time the cpu would keep climbing up and up. When I removed it as a router and used pfsense instead and set it to AP mode only seemed to resolve much of the issues however I was already sick of it and their support. So I am returning it.

@omnipotens Christ, that's a lot of devices.

It's almost like you're a server admin or something.


@ChrisWere most of the 2.4 is IoT. Like wifi bulbs tvs rpi's esp32 projects I built. So most are low bandwidth stuff

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