My wifi adventures.

My old wifi router was struggling to keep up with all my devices so so purchased a new Netgear Nighthawk. Well it keeped reboot at random so I returned it and got a new one. The new one keep rebooting so I opened a ticketed at netgear. They refused to support it excluding a warranty exchange unless I purchased premium support. So I am returning it completely.

I purchased a aruba mesh system POE switch and all. So far I am loving it. The speed and features are awesome.

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Wifi adventures continued.

The Aruba was super easy to setup. Now I have a wifi network on a separate vlan trunked back to pfsense just for IoT. Now I can firewall the traffic. I also have a vlan and wifi just for cameras and then one for normal internet.

The switch also categories all traffic like social media, mail, explicit, etc and let you see how much bandwidth is used per client to what kind of site.

In all for a little bit more than a high-end gaming router I got a commercial grade.

@wolf480pl As long as you have the POE switch then it can all be managed locally. I believe if you just run the AP without the switch you will need the cloud.

@omnipotens How many devices did you have using it before you started seeing issues?

@ChrisWere around 45 2.4ghz 15 5ghz and 20 cabled. Some where around there. Over time the cpu would keep climbing up and up. When I removed it as a router and used pfsense instead and set it to AP mode only seemed to resolve much of the issues however I was already sick of it and their support. So I am returning it.

@omnipotens Christ, that's a lot of devices.

It's almost like you're a server admin or something.

@ChrisWere most of the 2.4 is IoT. Like wifi bulbs tvs rpi's esp32 projects I built. So most are low bandwidth stuff

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