I will never purchase another Netgear product.

Their firmware is shit. They refuse to support it unless you pay for premium support even for warranty replacements.

I replaced the hardware via the store and the new unit still reboots at random.

Do not buy netgear...

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@omnipotens Netgear? If it's a router, ASUS, hands down. ax86u is as good as it gets, but lower models are fine too. Depends on what range you need.

I was looking at ax6600 maybe I might return it and go that route. I am thinking tho if I just throw it into bridge mode and put pfsense in front that pos netgear might work. Debating on returning it or work around.

@omnipotens Realistically, just have to try one and find out. Most people put Merlin custom firmware on an ASUS, but I can't speak to what you're dealing with. I would just try it out and see how it goes.

@omnipotens What you're talking about is over my head. It's all trial and error I guess. Good luck with your setup.

@omnipotens oh, a wifi router.

I usually check for openwrt support before buying, this way i take vendor firmware out of the equation.

That being said, my friends had some issues with r6220 running openwrt so there may be hardware issues with Netgears as well...

@omnipotens i wasn't even able to use all features unless i did their cloud foo. (Fortunately a firmware update fixed it. But it still bugs me all the time)

@omnipotens they refuse to honor warranty repairs without paying for it? That's a Magnusson-Moss violation if I ever heard it.


Basically if a product has a warranty on it, the warranty service must be provided free of charge, and without condition. Normally associated with automobiles, but also applies to consumer electronics.

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