So I bought a Netgear Nighthawk ax12
After 2 to 3 hours the cpu starts running at 90% to 100% and I start getting packet loss and disconnections.

I contacted netgear support and they said my technical support warranty ran out 3 days before I bought the router. WTF netgear they basically said your screwed. How in the fuck are you not going to warranty your products! And tell me my warranty expired before I even bought the damn router.

Netgear you suck!

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@omnipotens A warranty that expires before you even own the product. That's a new one!

@omnipotens holy shit that's insane! I don't recall the exact model, but my netgear AP's been mostly OK, but that might be due to it being set up as a dumb AP. Still have had to reboot it a couple times for mystery reasons though.

@omnipotens Well surely it can't be that much... $350!!!! HOLY SHIT!

Return it the store. Yeesh. And that can't be legal that the warranty runs out before you bought it.

@ozoned Well $200 black Friday sell.

But dang when it is working it is insanely fast. My wifi cameras went to having a 4 second delay to almost real-time and a super easy QoS setup. With all that it does me no good if it wants to keep crashing.

@omnipotens Not sure it will be helpful at all, but the OpenWRT's documentation provides hints on how to connect a serial cable and get some kernel level debug messages. Certainly not something you would expect to have to do with a new of device. It helped me once to detect some flash corruption: I ended up reflashing the same firmware and it is working ever since.

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