Should LR create a lemmy instance?
A fediverse alternative to Reddit

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@omnipotens sure, as long as we get rid of that stupid ‘banned words’ list they have

@omnipotens they have around 20 words they block for reasons

"We are never going to remove the slur filter completely (or add an option to that effect), because we dont want to make it easy for right-wingers to use Lemmy.“

@hannibal_ad_portas Well then if they want to support censorship I am not sure I want to support them. I am sick of everyone making everything political. Any suggestions for alternatives?

@omnipotens for specifically a federated Reddit alternative? I think Lemmy is the only one

@hannibal_ad_portas @omnipotens
Well there's "Lenny" for that

But personally i found Sic more interesting which you can subscribe to via e-mail or nntp,

@omnipotens Personally, I think that block list has rather kept things less political.
It's basically tradition at this point, that any Reddit alternative gets overrun by hateful assholes. You know, the kind of people that want to hold casual, totally apolitical conversations about how straight, white men are suppressed victims.

And as useless as that block list is, combined with their strict moderation on, it has so far kept the assholes out.

@friend @hannibal_ad_portas Yeah I think I may have jump the gun. Verdicts still open, however.

@omnipotens Creating a shit alternative for something that is shit? Sure, why not.

@omnipotens Ok, maybe that's a bit too personally opinionated. I'm all for trying out new self-hosted stuff in the LR community. Even when I'm probably not going to use it.

@frank I wouldn't of asked if I didn't want personal opinions 😀

@frank well... Let's see what people say. I don't want to put the work into it if it won't get used

@omnipotens As someone who only really uses Reddit as an information resource, I don't see the purpose of having a version of Reddit minus the heaping mounds of information contained therein. But maybe someone around here can explain to me how Lemmy works and / or what purpose it would serve alongside the Mastodon instance.

@omnipotens Hmm, would be interesting how the individual 'communities' would be split up, as there is already the overarching Linux-topic.

I guess, rather than e.g., we would have

Probably would end up feeling more like a traditional forum. Not that that's a bad thing...

@omnipotens saw something lighter with same functionality on a few weeks back.

@omnipotens hey, a suggestion is trying lotide

It's flagship instance is

It's lighter to host, actually provides federation unlike Lemmy. And you don't get the problems of the lemmy developers's tankie politics where they defend north korea and genocide

They actually just released the update with federation: 🙃

But yeah, I didn't want to rain on your parade, your other points still stand...

@friend @omnipotens oh, dang. Theyr interpitation of groups/communities in relation to activerypub still sucks though

@friend @SnabelAdmin

Well let's do this let's create a poll. Which ones should be in it? I am completely open on what to use.

I've also heard of before. As far as I can tell, that one isn't federated, though.

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