Buying a gaming laptop.
What laptop video card should I be watching for when buying it? Anything else to look for? Suggestions welcome too. Looking to stay below 3k$

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@omnipotens avoid intel those get price hiked because they have an intel in them regardless of how good it may or may not be

i would say a ryzen based one would be a better option especially for low cost high performance gaming

finding a laptop that is not apu based is going to be a chore for you most likely

most of those have short battery life

@codythedragonrude @omnipotens all H or HX series chips in most gaming laptops run hotter these days, so I think that point about Intel is moot these days

@s31bz @omnipotens the point that companies increase the price simply because it has an intel inside it and not because it's actually worth that much?

cause it's pretty obvious what companies do when they slap intel cpus inside a laptop

@codythedragonrude @omnipotens I'll just reply to that by saying that not all companies do that, now that I've learned a few things while working at System76

@codythedragonrude it depends on how Intel and AMD price their CPUs for board manufacturers and then these independent board manufacturers will build the motherboards for HP, Lenovo, Dell etc. So it's a trickle up cost, so to speak

@omnipotens yeah, I've been looking to spec out the new Oryx Pro oryp8 model or something that I can't announce yet, as my portable workstation. I travel a bit more than the average person every year and I'd like to have my whole setup be portable

@omnipotens @codythedragonrude I'd recommend the RTX 3070 card as it's a fantastic middle ground

@omnipotens what os do you plan on using?

what kind of games do you want it to run?

at which settings?

do you care about battery life?

lots of questions to ask yourself when shopping for a gaming laptop


OS duel boot. Will mostly be in Linux but for that one game that refuses to run I can swap OS.

Resolution and frame rate as long as it smooth. Honestly I care more about lifespan. Pay extra now to run games later.

Battery don't really care. Most of the time I next to a plug anyway.

@omnipotens well even though i dislike what companies do price wise with intel laptops i would have to say look into the system76 oryx pro

@nergal @omnipotens does framework have what hes looking for though?

i get it's a modular design but that means he would have to spend even more money on the modules to get the gaming he wants

i think oryx pro from system 76 has everything hes looking for and has that open source coreboot firmware which means he would not have to worry about any UEFI dual booting issues since it has no OS lock in attached to it

base model starts with typical igpu for i5 and 16gb ram, along with ssd modules. if he bought it preassembled, the cost is ~1200usd. you are right about gpu missing. at this point, may have to consider egpu?

@nergal @omnipotens i don't think he wants an external gpu

hes looking for a beefy gaming laptop that's equipped out of the box which is why i suggested the oryx pro to him

yes. year of the usb-c egpu coming when, though?

if firewire was still a thing and went free would gpu performance still be a question?

okay, back to laptop options. the true question then will be gpu, and nothing much else?

What kind of gaming, I have an AMD apu in my desktop and it has been serving me well.

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