Let's talk 3D Printing

For those who have one, What is your favorite style of Printer?

For those who don't, Are you interested and what's stopping you?

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is it still possible to print the parts for constructing a 3d printer with your 3d printer? remember a running gag pre-reprap or around that time was, "what if i made a printer that printed other printers?"

@nergal My printer is printed from my other printer. All the joints and part are 3d printed and the rest is made with emt conduit. The wood is just the case and is not really needed. Just to keep the heat inside.

@omnipotens I have an Ender 3 v2 which is also my first/only printer. So, I guess thats my favorite :P

@alexramallo I have a mpv2 which is about the same. My only complaint is the bed size it was always just a hair to small.

I have two Tevo tornadoes, I use them whenever the need arises. I have found many things to print. I use to create the designs and often post them to thingyverse for others to print. I love being able to imagine something then print it out and hold it in my hand.

@Ianj001 same nothing better than seeing something you design printed and in action.

@omnipotens I own a Anycubic i3 Mega controlled by #octoprint. I primarily design and print my own parts like for my bike or something in the household and occasionally fun stuff from Thingiverse. I used to use #fusion360 but now I only use #freecad as it got removed more and more functions for hobbyists and FreeCAD got better and better, I made the switch completely. I have an engineering background so I have quite some experience in CAD.

@omnipotens Just forgot my favourite type. The one I use. ;-) An FDM i3 clone.

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