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Who is the worst at cable management?

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Think this is a little bios don't you think? Not one vote for Linux admins lol

Comcast. But at the same time they could also argue they are the best

@omnipotens I voted software developers and I am one, but I have good cable management.

@frank Not looking good for devs lol. I would say me lol I am the worst lol

*/linux admins make ugly functional and featureful!

@wolf480pl I am so bad at cabling when I was running the R&D lab. I would say I am going to go cable something then I would always have one of my employees jump up and say no no don't worry about it they would get it instead lol. They did not want me to touch the cables lol

@omnipotens @wolf480pl I'm not an admin, but there's a reason I never post photos of my builds. Whenever I take the side panel off it looks like hemorrhoids bursting out the MB.

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